Can you beat Minecraft in Adventure Mode?

Published 2021-11-13

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  • @SB737
    Man’s only gone and done it
  • @Spokeishere
    Next video: Can you beat Minecraft in Spectator Mode?
  • @enoshade
    minecraft in adventure time is terribly nostalgic, probably because my oldest memories with the game are from when I didn't know about crafting and mostly just walked and looked at the landscapes. Seeing the crafting table in the spruce village rekindles that childlike joy of discovery.
  • @km077
    "Place a block without placing a block." Very inspirational, promotes out-of-the-block thinking. truly a quote
  • @linhero797
    When I first played Adventure mode I was under the impression it gave minecraft a more "Realistic" feel. You needed the roght tools for the right things and only certain things were limited. Never knew they changed it
  • @BlewOwned
    The amount of time it takes to make a youtube video, alot great job man
  • @Starbrew
    am i the only one who noticed at 7:50 he casually strolled by one of the rarest nether mobs in game
  • @TheTerrain
    Rekrap isn't even playing Minecraft at this point, he's just playing "craft"
  • @Branzy
    The EFFORT in making this work is outstanding, well done my friend
  • @jamol2tyjr413
    adventure mode was originally made for custom maps with a plot and all... and you my good sir have pushed the limits of adventure mode and beaten the game! well done
  • @FlixeleMc
    Watching you go into the older version gives me so much nostalgia
  • @zyee14
    How our parents went to school is like how you went to the nether: Traveling back in time to break laws of physics.
  • @shalinghate
    Technically there is a way to make a nether portal in newer versions of mc although it would be EXTREMELY tedious. You would have to calculate creeper blasts to make water and lava flow to the proper blocks and then have lightning strike the portal. And then when you inevitabely spawn on a 3x2 platform over a lava lake you rage quit and rethink all your life decisions.
  • @Twiddle_things
    Good memories. Adventure mode was a godsend when making adventure maps on my xbox and making my sister play them!
  • @Hogantalks
    An brazilian ytber did that too,void append,+ he beated superflat,and got All achievments,+and he had an actual plan,but u are crazy too
  • @Mike.101
    The console edition has an exclusive feature where you can use tools in adventure mode but they must be only for the right blocks: Dirt, sand, gravel; Shovel Stone: Pickaxe
  • @boynotgenius823
    just the fact that he actually switched versions instead of cheating shows such good dedication
  • @Dodecatone
    Little correction: every version of Minecraft after 1.4.2 and before 1.8 allowed you to use a bucket (and place and break blocks using the correct tools) Would love to see a "defeat Minecraft on adventure mode" video in 1.7!
  • @harebenzer6123
    I'm always amazed by how dedicated you are in your videos. It's awesome