Beating Minecraft Completely Underwater

Published 2023-07-08

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  • @LandenArnold
    I love how they look like they're having so much fun the entire time. This is what Minecraft is all about.
  • @TimeBucks
    He comes up with an idea that is truly amazing
  • @Spike_365
    Honestly, the end being a giant ocean makes it so much cooler
  • @poluefemus
    woah, the underwater base, end island, and sponge in wet nether is sick honestly, a completely underwater world seems fun once u get good gear
  • @sugreF_YT
    If anyone's wondering why some parts of the nether weren't underwater, it's because of this thing called cave air, a variant of the air block in Minecraft which is what replaces the terrain in caves and lakes as opposed to normal air. I assume the way the underwater mod/datapack was coded made the ocean generate before the caves, leaving the caves to carve holes through the water.
  • @Alfie-xt6zo
    you can tell rek is a professional speedrunner with how quick he crafts his items 😭
  • @thevalarauka101
    I admit this almost feels easier, since once you have breathing under control you can easily traverse the landscape of all three dimensions and don't have to worry about the Nether's lava or the End's void
  • @user-qx5mf8ij1b
    The duo nobody thought they wanted but needed. Id genuinely love if this just become like a survival series.
  • @Muddyjeans_
    I love how rek is combining fun minecraft content with his god tier speedrunning abilites to just become the best minecraft player alive.
  • @WafflesAreBetter
    Great video :) that flooded nether is possibly the most cursed thing I've ever seen in Minecraft lol
  • @SqueezyTheOrca
    So this is the world where mermaids beat the game faster than us all.
  • @RoundusMongus
    It would’ve taken so little effort to just make the entire world submerged, but changing grass to sand and making everything feel like an ocean was a really nice touch.
  • @Azuriiis
    I'm glad to see Rek and Chief back together
  • @TrueSlugcat
    Rek and Chief don’t work with each other nearly enough, when they do it’s legendary.
  • @JaydenIsland
    0:34 it was funny when Cheif went into the pressure plate and the game said "squid swims"
  • @kai76856
    Did someone else just figure out that rekrap is actually Parker backwards