How Would ChatGPT Beat Minecraft?

Published 2023-05-11
Would artificial intelligence beat Minecraft how we do? In this video, I beat the game using ChatGPT. With access to unlimited information and the ability to reason, AI is bound to choose an unconventional route to victory. Let's find out!

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All Comments (21)
  • @luigi9458
    5:43 "A trident?!" ChatGPT: "That's a surprise tool that'll help us later"
  • ChatGPT seemed really confused for most of the time. But then created one of the most epic looking Ender Dragon fights ever.
  • @TheHeirofLife
    While tedious to set up the final fight with all the prep work, the AI truly had you PLAY the game. Not just speed through it. This actually felt like experiencing the whole game and putting all you learned into a final showdown. Insane.
  • @mr.duck1248
    Honestly the pool of water to utilize riptide to destroy the crystals, fight the Ender dragon, avoid Ender man, and avoid fall damage, was really cool looking lol
  • @Wunba
    ChatGPT probably played that end fight smarter than 99% of us do!
  • @XBC30
    Using a beacon and riptide trident is the most AI thing I've ever seen
  • ive watched a million minecraft videos over the years, and never have i seen an Ender Dragon fight that epic. Props to actually making it that amazing instead of just dunking on the whole concept
  • @loganhall6660
    That end fight was the coolest approach to battling the ender dragon I've seen
  • @rekrap2
    I was confused when the AI said "Trident", but that end fight was SO Cool!
  • @Leowook
    That was probably the coolest dragon fight I have seen 🤣
  • @blueispog
    The end fight was definitely worth the work, looked sick af.
  • @skeepodoop5197
    Gotta admit that while Chat GPT certainly went off the rails, it did so in the coolest way possible.
  • ChatGPT went from "gather stone with your fists" To finding a completly unique and smart way to fight the Ender Dragon
  • That trident strat was actual sick, crazy how the AI devised that up
  • The double trident trick for the end crystals looked so freaking cool though
  • @MiIaDoesArt
    4:43 “leave me alone” The blazes: “Sir, You are the one who came to kill me”
  • @isg4
    Give some props to the AI, that was the most epic fight with the Ender Dragon I've seen in a while
  • Using a riptide trident setup is probably one of the coolest and most unique ways I’ve ever seen someone kill the dragon. It’s nuts to me this came from something that also said that you can use your bare hands to collect stone
  • @FractalGW
    that trident combo was something i never seen anyone else do before, that was seriously impressive, also the 360 midair bow shots on the caged end crystals.
  • That's actually such a sick way to defeat the Ender Dragon. Props to Mystery for completing it all the way through and giving us such a cool fight scene!