Beating Minecraft's Easter Egg Update

Published 2022-12-03

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  • @doctor4t
    this feels like a trippy show about an inter-dimensional traveller, I love it
  • @mac1991seth
    The thing about the End Dimension spawn is kinda funny. Normally, all End Portals lead to the main island spawn, but if you spawn an End Portal block in the Nether, it will transport you to the End in the same location as your current Nether coords. And since the April Fools update treats all extra dimensions like Nether, it sent rekrap using Nether calculations instead of Overworld ones.
  • @lasercraft32
    I want there to be an actual game like this... where you have to work towards some specific goal by travelling between different and unusual worlds.
  • @Master_King_JJ
    I used to be a fan, but after watching this Masterpiece, now I'm whole air-conditioner.
  • @knuxenglish
    On the sign at 12:33 it says "ingen reklam tack" which directly translates to "no ads thank", basically its used to just ask for the postmen to not put ads in the mailboxes
  • @Not_Kaz_here
    13:10 Rek's trust issues from Lifesteal have left him scarred He doesnt even trust llamas anymore
  • I once started a minecraft world with my friends on this version, and, lets just say that calling it a "mess" would be super grateful. Thanks anyways, it was a fun memory tbh xD
  • @noone6905
    The “we apologize…” dimension is a reference to hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.
  • @syncrnzr
    I've gotta say, your theory of there being a Stronghold in one of the wacky overworld biomes was very smart! I would've never thought of that.
  • I still want this to be part of standard Minecraft, it's a blast exploring dimensions (ignoring the ones that completely crash the game)
  • Just when you thought Minecraft content couldn’t get any more creative and innovative, you see content like this
  • this update always interested me because randomly generated things like this are so incredibly interesting to me, so seeing a bunch of them all together is so fascinating
  • @Messoniz
    Really good video. I really enjoy all the effort and time you put in to make it this awesome!
  • @job4528
    Wow I really enjoyed this video. Your personality is so legit.
  • 9:58 “Do you guys hear that? There’s no sound in this dimension!” Yes. Indeed.
  • @blobtuna236
    This is the best April Fools snapshot in the game. Some of the randomly generated dimensions look really pretty.
  • @Clarple
    5:05 The reason some of the dimensions have the same terrain is because it doesn't change unless you move your portal. Its kinda like a nether portal, but it randomizes the blocksband the terrain generation? If that makes any sense. A cooler challenge would be that every time you go back thru a portal, you get teleported thousands of blocks away from your previous portal