Can you beat Minecraft in Peaceful Mode?

Published 2022-08-04

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  • That Chief Guy
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  • Fun Fact: The hardest gamemode to beat Minecraft is spectator mode.
  • pwrwq
    You know, you could have gotten villagers from 1.9 that sell eyes of ender rather than pearls and could have done it that way.
  • OmegaQ
    Once he finished I was just thinking “Now we wait until someone speedruns this” and then he mentioned he’s technically the world record holder for this kind of run
  • Ralsei
    Fun Fact: If You change the player data code when downgrading You can keep Your Inventory.
  • I'm fairly certain that you can get Eyes of Ender from some Villager trades - the Cleric, I think, but I could be wrong. To be fair, I think you need rotten flesh to upgrade the trades, but I think you can get that from chests in some structures.
    Edit: I think it was the Ender Pearl trades, my bad. My memory from many years ago is not the best.
  • Sub Chub
    Seems easy enough now, guess peaceful mode isn't the hardest difficulty anymore lol
  • EntvivHere
    Hey man, I just wanted to say, this video was actually insane, blew up my mind, infact this was the craziest minecraft singleplayer video I've ever seen! Being a content creator myself this is definitely the best idea for a single player video!
  • Paras Gupta
    As a speedrunner, I felt the pain when you crafted 20 eyes, cmon man you need like 10, craft more when you need them lol
  • Lightningfoxxy
    Damn well done, I genuinely didn’t think it was possible. Great video like always!
  • "this probably makes me the world record holder."
    Yeah great idea! Send a 22.5 hour long video of you on your desktop using glitches and bugs to be on the leaderboard!

    Just so you know cheif, you make AMAZING content and your a great guy. That is also why I joined expansion SMP!
  • Jman Reptiles
    Amazing video chief! So glad to see your getting the attention you deserve!
  • WolfqyProbably
    I loved this video, was super interesting and kinda insane that some random guy on 1.0 gave you the information you needed to be this impossible gamemode
  • Tom Hermann
    Absolutely insane how you pulled this off! Great jobs hope you continue content just like this video :D
  • Rasplin
    The video nobody else was brave enough to attempt. Loved it chief!
  • Duckio
    very cool storytelling!
  • yuitr loing
    The King is back!!!This video was very interesting and i appreciate the work put into it! Awesome vid king! :)
  • GogTheFrog
    Btw I think you could’ve just placed the water in the side of the tower and swim down. Also, in some versions villagers can trade for endear eyes.
  • “What if I told you that peaceful mode is the hardest gamemode”

    I would tell you I watch TheMisterEpic
  • Noah
    this was such a good video. Enjoyed it so so so much. Really funny at the end