I Beat Minecraft in Peaceful Mode

Published 2022-08-04
everyone says it's impossible...but is it really?

heavily inspired by rekrap2's adventure mode video

CrafterDark's video:
   • Getting Blaze Rods in Minecraft 1.0-1...  

Minecraft 1.0 enchanting guide (i was so lost without this):

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  • As someone who's mostly played Minecraft during its beta and early release versions, the boats crashing into pieces still haunts me to this day.
  • @wolftheyapper
    Fun fact: If you go back to one of the April fools snapshots (not sure which one) you can put sticks on campfires and they turn into blaze rods.
  • @GigasGMX
    I'll admit, I was half expecting the Ender Dragon to not spawn.
  • @blastoff3356
    To this day I will gleefully slam my boat into the land just to feel the sensation of happiness when it doesn’t turn into sticks and planks
  • @mimogutz
    the absolute badassery of getting the monster hunter and free the end achievements at the exact same time
  • @HunterX05
    Fun fact: the reason you couldn't water bucket clutch is due to the older versions needing at least 2 blocks of water for fall damage negation...
  • @dangerousdeo5113
    I absolutely miss the early days of Minecraft! Boats breaking, when zombies dropped feathers haha! Memory lane! Crazy to see how Minecraft has evolved to what it is today! :D
  • @azizella2778
    Something about the end being completely empty with only the enderdragon is haunting.
  • @Golem2OO8
    Another technique: in 1.8 and earlier, the clerics (in purple dresses) can trade ender eyes for emeralds
  • @Colt100
    as someone who played Minecraft since circa 2011, watching his reaction to the boat item and boat getting destroyed was kinda funny
  • @jennifertrandafir
    As someone who plays Minecraft in peaceful mode, this video was quite amazing. I really wish there was a way to beat it without having to downgrade. Maybe make it possible for Piglins to trade blaze rods or something....
  • @memeyo42
    The first weeks I played Minecraft I was in peaceful mode only, which was good cuz I had spawned near a guard tower. And since I didn't know I could click "keep inventory after death" I would lose my gear and get panic attacks and stress from my GAD. Now I often switch between easy and normal when I do things to make the game calmer when I need to, and I always make sure my world will keep my inventory after death for my own sake. So a lot of improvements, and just gonna say, this is incredible!
  • @OmegaQuinn
    Once he finished I was just thinking “Now we wait until someone speedruns this” and then he mentioned he’s technically the world record holder for this kind of run
  • his experience with the boat is so funny to me because I remember the frustration of driving into a lilly pad
  • This is why I love peaceful. It's so much calmer, as an anxiety-filled person. It's also why I prefer playing modded over vanilla, and if I play vanilla, I play peaceful or creative.
  • Ah yes... The times where the enchant would drain the entire levels it requires to enchant instead of just a spoonful
  • @haxorouse3265
    just so you know, you could trade for eye's of ender directly from priest/cleric villagers from 1.3 until 1.8, they removed the trade in 1.9
  • 9:48 dont worry about peta they will look at all the animals jumping and think that they are very happy
  • @itsrecky2867
    Getting the monster hunter achievement off killing the ender dragon is the funniest thing ever