Farming 10,000,000 Melons in Minecraft

Published 2023-03-25

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  • @SB737
    why not go for 100 million
  • @Baablu
    Rare occurrence where the sequel is better than the original LETS GOO
  • @PrinceSarah1
    I really think if you do this again you should think about spawnproofing the farm by putting light sources in the ground- would be absolutely worth the slight melon loss to save time on dealing with mobs while your iron farm runs. Also- I'd make every block around your iron farm into path blocks to be sure they ONLY spawn inside the hot tub
  • Absolutely awesome content. Gripping and fun. Some thoughts on the farm(s): - Slime farm worked great it seems. Provided enough slime with minimal effort. I dont think a slime chunk farm wouldve been better due to excavation time. - Iron farms could have been more robust i think. Thats hindsight after seeing rates and needed materials tho. - As pointed out elsewhere, i think spawn proofing the melon farm would be a good idea in any future tries. I would consider leaves or slabs for this task. The slabs may require reworking the farm. Or use buttons (not sure if minecarts are bothered by them). - Human-hoppering is easier with as empty an inventory as possible. - Other melon farm designs may be more suitable, but they may require resources that are outside the scope of this challenge. - Building a manual melon farm above or below to manually farm while staying around to keep it all in render distance.
  • @skeptic_lemon
    The reason you had mined less dirt than you picked up in the statistics menu is that some of your shovels didn't have Silk Touch, meaning that when you mined a grass block it would drop dirt, counting it as having picked up dirt but having mined grass.
  • @qoyoshi7770
    Watching him turn his game to peaceful on 16:02 hurt so bad because I knew the zombies in the iron farms would despawn and it took him ages to realise.
  • @jacobf.1691
    This guy needs to have a survival series where he makes a farm for every item
  • I LOVE watching you. youre so dedicated to every single video and its just super fun to watch you. keep going!!
  • @granttjamess
    The fact that in the process he got a pretty impressive speedrun time is the funniest part to me
  • @Dat_Lego_dud
    Yet in his dismay, he hadn’t realized he mined 3.9mil. 2.9mil more than his previous goal with the same timeframe. True dedication
  • @yecksd
    you are probably the most determined and levelheaded person ive ever even heard of
  • @PalmDEV
    Hey, this might not be helpful, but I noticed that you had to count all of the melons by hand. The 'carpet' mod for fabric by mojang employee 'Gnembon' has a feature that allows you to count large numbers of items for farms. Not only would it show how many melons you've farmed, it would also show you the average amount of melons produced per hour, allowing you to figure out how much longer it would've taken to meet your goal if you fail. Love the video, great concept! :D
  • So we get a third melon video. Excellent. They get better each time.
  • @Notkeysus_
    24:33 bro WHAT!!!,had to replay this 5 times to get over how happy he was
  • @Topesz
    13:18 My best guess is that grass blocks (he had over 14k mined) drop as dirt blocks unless you have silk touch, which he clearly did not
  • rekrap is the technoblade of melons, trying to find the most efficient way to not only farm them but also everything that leads up to them
  • This is a great video rekrap. You are the best YouTuber with funny and original content with a unique editing style and I have learned so much from you. Keep up the good content
  • @faxyboney2869
    The way he is trying to be family friendly, LOVE UR VIDEOS MAN