X-Raying Until This Server Bans Me

Published 2023-11-12
I've found a way to X-Ray on Minecraft servers UNDETECTED. Time to not do anything nefarious with this at all xD

Also, here is the link to some of @ThatChiefGuy's videos, you probably want to watch them because of how funny he was in this video.

Discord: discord.gg/WRbeVp3
Twitter: twitter.com/Yeah_Jaron

Where I get my music: share.epidemicsound.com/30xq36
Strolling in Style - Raymond Grouse
"Sunshower" - jono
Thief in Disguise _ Stationary Sign
Lurking Behind - The Fly Guy Five
A Revealing Blush - Claude Signet
Back to Business - William Benckert
Roundabout - Soara
Mountain Sunrise - Leitmoti
Bubbles a la Carte - baegel
Bitmaster - Lupus Nochte
Alleyways of Seoul - Josef Bel Habib
College Dropout - Sight of Wonders
Cancao do Canario
Gossip Talk - Arthur Benson
Soon - AGST
Sneaky Breezy - Martin Landstrom
No Clues Left - Arthur Benson
Multiverse - Brightarm Orchestra
We Must Be Prepared - Brightarm Orchestra
Oh Dear - Martin Landh
Play It Cool - Duke Herrington
BananaMan590 Theme: "The I of It - Title Screen"
Fractured Paintings - Trevor Kowalski
Giants - Trevor Kowalski
Blind Spots - Wai

One thing I do while recording/editing videos is listen to music. But I've found a playlist of different songs to be too distracting, so I've started listening to one song on repeat for hours. It helps me focus, so I thought it would be fun to share the songs I listened to each time.
Recording: Mrs. Stately's Garden - Frankie Vallie
Editing: Clay Sun Graham Kartna
I'm not kidding, I've listened to both these songs like 300 times.

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  • @ThatChiefGuy
    I swear that call at the end cost me 5 years of my life 😅
  • @Aero137
    "I don't want to ruin the economy"
    gives away diamond blocks to random players
  • @SoewoeMoloko
    Nothing is funnier to me than a base-exploding pickaxe. This is something that Grian would absolutely do if he had an opportunity
  • @BananaWasTaken
    You could always do the Skeppy method, where you have a friend xraying and telling you where all the diamonds are, and then you (without the X-ray texture pack) record your perspective, so when you get banned you can send the video to the mods, as proof you weren’t xraying, letting you get unbanned and X-ray again
  • @jazzyj7834
    As a former server owner, I made sure that I ran an xray pack when investigating players. It made it waaay more obvious when someone was trying to hide their cheating.
  • @imjusthere7970
    I feel like this method becomes more obvious once a mod has xray themself and you conveniently hit every diamond vein you come by on your random branches
  • the Grian method is to say ''I've hidden my diamonds right here!'' with Mumbo and then dig a straight line to a random direction.
  • @Ebb_and_Flow
    PSA its important to know, a lot of servers use pluggins that record the ratio of diamonds mined vs stone mined. If the ratio is too skewed, it's pretty much guaranteed that you're x-raying.
  • @TheCubersPlay
    Another way to make it less obvious is to skip a couple diamonds.
    At this point, Jaron is just trying to get cancelled, but he is too majestic.
  • The issue with this method is that there are plugins that count your ratio of materials mined.
    Meaning if your ratio of diamond mined doesn't correspond to the "usual rate", then you are flagged for the staff to investigate.
    Now of course each ratio work with each others, meaning you would need to mine x amount of deepslate to justify your ratio of diamond.
  • @leviathan370
    Can you imagine if someone who just joined dropped you 30 blocks of diamonds then said "Dude your moderation sucks ass" that sounds hella funny to me
  • @dumu_jes2142
    the fact everybody tried to xray like this on their friends minecraft server is crazy
  • @Minecraft_Steve_
    I can't believe you just glossed over the people at the beginning calling you a poopy pance! That's honestly pretty cruel, props to you for sticking through this devastating oppression.
  • @alecstronach
    I've been an admin before, I've caught many x-rayers, but there are far too many cases where I think they mighta been xraying but I couldnt say for sure. The system I worked with was no evidence no case, if I couldn't definitively prove that you were xraying then I couldn't take action. This is likely the case on many servers, hence why a strategy like this works so well. That being said, it is very easy to accidentally get too greedy (especially when you dont have custom enchants) and give urself away. All it takes is 1 impossible clip.
  • @DJ-wh1tp
    Jaron: Obviously X-Raying

    Mods: Genius.
  • @pixel100
    Cheating is cheating, unless cheating is content, then cheating, is just fun :)
  • @ShepOrWhatever
    I was once on a server, a very tight-knit community. Someone got banned for soft-xray. Literally pretending to normally mine but would still manage a lot of diamonds. Good moderators of a server will catch you eventually.. even if it takes a year