Beating Minecraft on 100x Speed

Published 2023-11-25

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  • @Wunba
    Time to do it in hardcore 😂
  • @OLLGY69
    Finally, an actual SPEEDrun
  • @lewislake5128
    Imagine being a dragon and seeing a snail appear on a random platform, who then tunnels through the ground, shoots all of your defences, and then just throws arrows at you randomly and you DIE
  • @Diamondking599
    So this is what took you so long to beat the dragon…
  • Rekrap is the only person who comes up with ACTUAL original ideas. Creativity at its finest. 🎉
  • @retept1104
    I like how Rekrap has a bucket in his hotbar as he is complaining about how long the unwatered wheat is taking to grow.
  • @thetoothbrushman
    this should be a official speedrun catagory. it would be so funny to watch
  • @Ignore__Me
    You’ve effectively made every mob a jump scare, imagine the chaos when you do this with friends
  • @lordquadrato437
    Bringing the blaze rods back from the Nether could have benefitted from a similar strategy as the end fight: Build an enclosed tunnel all from cobblestone, since it can't be destroyed by Ghasts, and light everything up so no Piglins spawn. Easy safe journey back.
  • @Jacobconnor525
    Skeletons: minigunners Creepers: instant bombs Every melee enemy: I AM DEATH The wither:
  • @dave_blanketchip
    imagine the perspective of the mobs just seeing rek move so slow through the world lol
  • @unclasp
    I love how this challenge completely changes how you play almost every aspect of the game, and how it brings back some of that nostalgic fear of the unknown world (something we have all lost once we learned the intricacies of the game).
  • @KingSammelot
    Crazy idea bro, huge props to actually suffering through the whole thing legit, GOAT🐐
  • @user-wj3pe5fk6h
    i CANT stop watching this video, it brings back old memories and its just funny to watch you try to beat the game and die SOOOOO many times, lov ur vids :)
  • @user-ik8cw2cg3h
    Respect to Rekrap to doing the challenge without cheating. You really did put your heart and mind into it.
  • I love how you are so freakishly slow compared to everything else that you suddenly have the patience to do strats that no one would even try because it's too mind numbingly boring. Like waiting for blazes to pathfind up to you before you kill them. Or just sitting there waiting for crops to grow. Or just sitting there waiting for villagers to stupid their way into a hole. Your increased patience is both a blessing and a curse. Also, you've been in that world for so long while activating so few chunks that you started to see the effects of endermen slowly tearing it apart, which is amazing and insane. By slowing down so much, you can better witness unchained entropy, chaos in its purest form, especially in the dragon fight. The dragon was simply too chaotic, could do too much, and it had too much time to do it, which made it very difficult to kill.
  • The best thing about your channel is you're so enthusiastic in like a genuine way
  • @Pyseph
    duuude, this video is SO well done and so high effort. love your content!