Getting the WORLD's Highest Anvil kill

Published 2021-07-16
The anvil droped for 6.30 Seconds... and I hit them. This was Epic

People I play with:
• A Civilian:
•Iconic Bluejay:
•Souli Layce:
•That Chief Guy:

Where I get my music:
Epidemic sound referal link ⬆

Q: Where do you get your music?
A: Epidemic sound
Q: Is your name really Parker?
A: yup. rekrap spelled backwards
Q: What editing software do you use?
A: Adobe Premiere
Echocraft Discord:

All Comments (21)
  • @methew3982
    I’m starting to think Rek has a little, just a little bit of an obsession with anvils…
  • @Nanworky
    The anvils need to be “very damaged anvils” so they will guarantee break when falling
  • @SouliLayce
    Dude, cheap shot, I was AFK haha. I was so confused hearing those anvils, I thought it was my villagers but I was moving confused. Great vid though my man.
  • @canulibear
    Maybe next time, you could build a big red "X" in the ground with a sign that has people dig down to it with a chest below it so you have a spot to drop the anvil and the chest would break the anvil at the same time. idk
  • @RunTheProgram
    Fun fact: you don't actually need invisiblity potion because you are an entity as well
  • @__adamshrfudj
    its so weird how rekrap2 is just patient about how his netherite items got despawned and hes not angry. love your vids rek <3
  • @ianchen4998
    There's actually a bug where if you put an anvil in a soul sand elevator, it still counts to the 'blocks fallen', meaning you can drop an anvil 2 blocks and it can kill someone. (note: they despawn after 30 seconds)
  • Just when I feel like my servermates are crazy, I remember that Rek isn't on my server and I rest a little easier.
  • Alternative title: rekrap struggling to kill his friends with anvils for 20 minutes straight.
  • @leox6190
    This server is so good: proximity chat, nice community and good content creators! Keep up the good work!