I Put An Entire Ocean In The Nether In Minecraft Hardcore

Published 2022-11-26

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  • PaulGG
    ocean in the nether is cool but im still surprised your time machine worked when it was half blown up.
  • I like how he did everything in the thumbnail legit except the dolphin. Those things are impossible to keep alive, or move anywhere
  • Guilherme Pascuti
    Damn the water becoming ice actually gave so much nostalgia, nowadays I barely see that happening
  • Semina Ahmed
    The whole Mojang group spent so long coding a literal hell dimension and this guy is like 'nope' 👁️👄👁️
  • In 6:43 I love that phase 3, 6, and 8 were all just "Regret Life Choices" because, well he's been doing life choices he would probably regret
  • Pollardian
    The amount of effort he puts into his videos is both worrying and impressive.
  • Sterling Tolman
    Mad respect, dude. You’ve more than earned a sub. I’ll donate in the future, promise.

    I can’t wait to see your cavernous house!
  • Lampe2020
    You could also have done it with one 1.19 snapshot, where it was possible to get water by placing glow vines in lava.
  • Jose M
    What was 18 minutes to us took countless hours for him. The dedication is amazing
  • Orpheus
    Mojang: Welcome to the Nether, you might call it hell.
    Kolanii: Where's the swimming pool?
  • Stoom
    I want to see 16:05 in an alternate universe where he doesn't have a totem just so I can perfectly cut it
  • Skyes
    Im honestly speechless with your videos, you come up with the most unique and incredible videos ever! Absolutely love this one, again!
  • Lyon
    If he could find a nether core and bring it with him somehow, I ong wouldn’t even be surprised
    Him clicking the bed and it exploding after seeing the villagers sleeping in them cracked me tf up😂💀
  • CaramelTimtam00
    the effort you put into these videos never fails to amaze me!
  • Finna woken
    i think an interesting challenge would be trying to beat the ender dragon without crafting anything, just relying entirely on villagers and stuff you pick up
  • J. H.
    I honestly watch Kolaniis videos regularly just because I love his voice. It’s so calming I always fall asleep when I am struggling with it. Thank you man! Your the best
  • I cant stop laughing about how Kolanii went "oh youre asleep, good idea" and just right clicks the bed

    Kolanii RIGHT CLICKED the bed, TWICE