I Put An Entire Ocean In The Nether In Minecraft Hardcore

Published 2022-11-26

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  • @NotPaulGG
    ocean in the nether is cool but im still surprised your time machine worked when it was half blown up.
  • @YouTube
    the way you bring these ideas to life is super inspiring!! you're crushing it Kolanii 🔥
  • @SweetTop7s
    Oh my goodness, when I clicked on this video I was just expecting a body of water in the Nether with maybe an island and that's it. I did NOT expect you to go sooo much further by populating everything with life including a Village. This would've been impressive in CREATIVE, I can't imagine the amount of time and dedication to do this in Hardcore. Hats off to you truly
  • @Skyes
    Im honestly speechless with your videos, you come up with the most unique and incredible videos ever! Absolutely love this one, again!
  • I like how he did everything in the thumbnail legit except the dolphin. Those things are impossible to keep alive, or move anywhere
  • I love this idea of this utterly bizarre little space of peace and harmony in the middle of literally hell. Glittering water, lush grass and a quaint village. It'd be even better with a dark twist
  • @josem2005
    What was 18 minutes to us took countless hours for him. The dedication is amazing
  • I don't know what's more impressive , the fact he can do this stuff in the first place or the fact he had the patience to do it
  • I recall doing this a decade ago with my friends, we made a whole track in the nether, mined a bunch of ice to make water obstacles in the nether and race eachother on pigs with a stick. Then we went outside and the loser got someone kick a football against their ass. Man, young teen life was intense
  • The fact that minecraft world generation breaks when changing versions gave me an interesting idea for a mechanic in a game. In this game the protagonist is trapped in a matrix and to fulfill certain objectives you must change between versions of this matrix and take advantage of bugs to pass through blocked parts of the map, pass through places where certain enemies do not exist in certain versions, the possibilities are endless. If someone makes a game like this, I would love to play.
  • @Krazyest21
    the amount of times he can just say he's done and people will be happy, but just adds more details is so crazy
  • @valenpam_
    I miss the old days when it would just start snowing in the middle of a grass Biome, and you would watch it slowly cover the ground through the glass block windows of your wooden home.
  • @RyRy2057
    bro i dreamt about this type of stuff wayyy back in middle school, i was obsessed with terraforming the nether but never went further than placing grass and saplings and breaking ice lmao. this is really amazing work man, great job.
  • @Haskellmd76
    “Throw the food, through the…food hole” -Kolanii, 2022
  • @GKPB
    Damn the water becoming ice actually gave so much nostalgia, nowadays I barely see that happening
  • @lvs8768
    I was already very impressed with just the huge ocean in the nether but you just kept on adding more and more detail, it's just incredible! It feels like I should be paying to watch this
  • @therageknight8546
    Terraforming hell itself has got to be one of the most alpha moves possible