How I Broke Survival Minecraft to Become God

Published 2023-08-07
I Spent a Year with my Friends learning how to break Survival Minecraft to achieve Invincibility and Creative Mode Powers and we then used these wildly illegal items to troll the ever-living crap out of Minecraft Youtubers lol
on the lifesteal smp season 4

@Spokeishere AND @Vitalasy AND @ItzSubz perspectives on this as WELL after this! like i mentioned, it was a team effort
spoke video:    • I Obtained Creative in Survival Minec...  
vitalasy video:    • Using Exploits to fight Admin Abuse  

heartfelt apologies for disappearing for 7 months. i was in the himalayan mountains meditating to achieve real-life godhood. pretty cool experience but the guy in charge did not like my attitude.
special mention to SILICAT THE GLITCH HUNTER without which NONE OF THIS would have been possible:
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this video was an actual experience to make, for a lot of reasons i can't really reveal but just know it showed me a lot about my personality i did not know, which is why it took a long time lmao. consistent ashswag scheduling returns soon, as always let me know what u think in the comments section below. (i will not read)

also a special thank you to FINN MCMISSILE FROM CARS 2 for having the coldest theme song known to man. michael giaccino you are the goat cult:
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  • @ashswag
    sorry for disappearing for 7 months. i had math homework
  • @mouseerr
    peak content oh my god. the editing, the humor, the bullying of men who take a block game way too seriously, it’s all perfect
  • @talginlvl90
    man you perfectly encapsulated how i feel about most smp servers, overly competitive players, admins pushing their boundaries, and just generally the toxic environment all just making you generally hate it, and everyone on it, perfect.
  • @F_rer
    Man the last video was so good. You teamed up with a colorblind upside down man, a guy who spent 8 days farming melons in a block game, a man who lives on McDonald’s wifi, a guy who has gotten 2000 squids and a horrible pvper. Truely the best minecraft team ever
  • @tag4042
    Ash is the type of person who can commit the worst war crime and not react at all. I really need to be like him
  • @Tulinx
    everybody knows when ashswag uploads its a good decade
  • @44Hd22
    11:27 these pictures are genius. Now I wanna analyse every second of this amazing video. 12:09 wait ashwag is probably one of the smartest players because of his mindset.
  • @blazeismyname
    As much as I love Ash, I don't know how SMP owners aren't catching on to his way of thinking
  • @rinthehecker
    you know it’s a good year when ashswag uploads
  • @jopiluis3382
    This is why I think Minecraft is the ultimate videogame... it's essentially a secondary life. I didn't know anything about this server nor your channel and now I'm amazed by the technique and sheer edge featured here
  • @Popotato7777
    First lifesteal video i watch and im already sure i wont find anything better. Got a new sub.
  • @ZombieSazza
    “After months of pure hatred and unmeasurable spite” honestly that’s how you get the best done in life, spite and hatred are great motivators frfr
  • @saintmtrs
    ashswag is literally the guy who comes back w a banger video after 7 months edit - GODDAMN 966 LIKES IN A DAY
  • @Bru.h
    Aside from the migrane i got from the first second of the video, really good content with some sweet humor and the editing is fine as hell Good to see you back ash
  • @Humii5592
    Watching 2 new wormhole videos in a single day by people who have terrible upload schedules... THIS IS HEAVEN
  • @RealisUro
    i love how ashwag is the only lifesteal youtuber who doesn't contemplate life after killing someone
  • @_nutella_
    I realllly appreciate ashswag. He barely uploads and I dont watch minecraft content anyway, but because of me randomly getting recommended his short 3 years ago and joining his smp i am now in a community and wouldn't know many of my closest online friends with out it.