We Built the Internet in Minecraft

Published 2024-01-27
Rekrap and I were bored, so we decided to build the internet in Minecraft. That's it...

Rek's Channel: ‪@rekrap2‬

Hope you like it :)

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  • @rekrap2
    I remember almost having a heart attack when Branzy asked if we could do this. So pumped we did. That routing system at the end was hype!
  • @mattbatwings
    I don't think I've been called a redstone daddy before. Congrats.
  • @darkprinc979
    Since you've integrated routing into your system, now you need to add more terminals, and eventually get the system up to the point where you can rick roll each other. Then you will have reached peak internet.
  • @TexusNoe365247
    I'm studying to become an engineer. I LOVE how you guys troubleshooted a system FULL of errors and eventually was able to make it work. Think of the ENIAC computer. That computer was big enough to fit in your house... and then some. This creation is like the ENIAC... BUT... it changed the course of history. Branzy, you discovered the "first" internet bug! YOU DID A THING!!!! I'm so PROUD of you Branzy and Rekrap. You guys both learned a LOT about how the internet works. Now, since you're limited to 26 endpoints, try expanding that to over 1000 endpoints. (similar to going from IPv4 to IPv6). Good luck!
  • @oliverquaas910
    "How much ram you got?" "4... " "4 gigabytes?" "No... 4 bytes..."
  • @WenzoYT
    Branzy and rek can build the internet, meanwhile I still struggle to make a working 2x2 redstone door
  • @pipysnipy5929
    Unironically this is kinda helping me understand how the internet works
  • @Craftronix
    If the problem was inverted bits, wouldnt be the "easy solution" to craft like some kind of bit inverter, just mirroring the bits? But I guess you guys wanted to make it work properly without some cheating hadware in between, lol
  • @Wunba
    Ha! What a hilarious idea! Well pulled off! Although Branzy you really need to be more careful with leaking people's IPs like you did with Reks!
  • @shaabn
    honestly we need more branzy and rekrap collabs
  • @jachromium785
    I imagine it's much more frustrating when you can fly around your code like a confused mechanic who can't find out why the machine won't work. But you can hit it with a mace nowadays so that sounds good
  • @harel2300
    2500: We built a computer in minecraft. 3000: We built an ai in minecraft.
  • @CraftyMasterman
    i love that everyone is giving their go at redstone lol. IT'S FUN ONCE YOU GET IT!!!!
  • It was weirdly emotional when the computer passed the "hello world" test lol
  • Building circuitry for PC components in MC is unironically easier than making piston doors Cuz you're not worried about all the little quirks the game has to make it as compact as possible and instead operate on just raw redstone signals and logic gates
  • @jamez6398
    Troubleshooting redstone seems difficult in the same way troubleshooting computer code in Visual Studio is as you scream to yourself "why are you not working??"
    im a computer engineering student in college rn and watching this was crazy because ur basically building everything im learning about in minecraft, this truly is the coolest thing ever
  • @MrCube6
    This is crazy! definitely needs more quasi connectivity tho...