Can a Pro Speedrunner Spot a Cheated Speedrun?

Published 2023-04-13

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  • @NerdiYT
    This was a ton of fun to record! Still in disbelief by how observant you were…
  • “Study how nerdy plays, how nerdy thinks, how he talks” Flashback to the great potato war
  • @Deltacarygirl
    I think Rek is the only person I’ve seen in this Odd Run Out series who based their guess on something other than the game play. Guy is an outside the box thinker
  • @Longer32
    The way he actually found out which one is fake is INSANE. Not only that he spotted the SpeedrunIGT, he figured out that the guy was using old mechanics with newest version of speedrunIGT. Keep doing these, they're so good!
  • At this pace, the day is not far when rekrap becomes a certified moderator and a world record speed run holder
  • @SwivMC
    As soon as I clicked on the video, I had a seizure from the jump scare of the facecam 😂
  • @matiwav
    Your observation skills are out of this world. No spoilers but damn, that was a huge guess. You really know how to think outside the box and that's what's so enticing about you solving puzzles, challenges, etc.
  • @crefour5866
    whats hilarious is that i totally missed the details rek was focusing on, i just assumed #3 was fake because the person was named beanman2009
  • @darvy286
    People who don’t know, the 2nd run was performed by Lowkey, also the guy with the former end enter WR in SSG
  • Personally, seeing Rek in a face cam is awesome, I feel like he could be so chill to hang out with!
  • @moleyg
    someone in similar skill level 😭😭😭 can't go too fast 😭😭😭 thanks nerdi. Well played parker
  • @TheEnemyTM
    I didn't expect Rek to look like that, but man, bros majestic
  • @caleballgaier
    I love how rekrap is cheering the speedrunners on because he knows how it is
  • @AmberPaton
    Rek: 'Is there a sus way to craft?' That got me tho
  • @tnt_gaming21
    6:41 its really easy to get. just go to your search bar, search mouse settings, scroll down to advanced mouse settings and click it, then click pointers, then double click normal select, scroll down to the c’s (you’ll know what i’m talking about), select and open cross_i, apply and ok
  • @hachet3237
    honestly i’m vibing hard with the speed run content rek. i love this ❤
  • @NotBrickMC
    there are tons of people commenting about the gravel in run 3. It’s placed on a torch (torch only breaks falling gravel)
  • @wrode1358
    I love that you have a webcam, even if you think it dosent look good(trust me, it does) it adds more character and personality to you. Pls atleast have a cam in your commentary vids.(the best would be in all videos) PS i love your videos and keep doing what your doing, never stop❤️👍🏻