Published 2023-11-13
Today we are playing a building minigame (with Jimmy, Impulse, Gem, Skizz and Joel) where we build something, the next person guesses that build and we build someone elses guess in a cycle until we have swapped 3 times.. and we see what the build looks like. Ever played whispers, telestrations or telephone? It's like that but with minecraft builds.

This was super fun and if you want more then you need to let me know in the comments!

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  • @SalemsRising
    the machinations of skizz's mind are an enigma
  • @jlh5310
    Skizz made this entire video series. He is pure chaos. Absolutely love him!
  • @stephenf3379
    I love how Grian had a not-quite-an-appliance toilet, and Skizz saw a not-quite-a-building pool. Like he understood it was misplaced, even without knowing the pattern
  • @janaki3829
    Skizz interpreting appliances as buildings is hilarious, but it's even better that he implied a pool is a building
  • It's nice seeing Skizz in more stuff recently. I never had any experience with him until I watched the Scar Imp&Skizz podcast episodes, but he's pretty cool.
  • @Nabium
    Skizz is what made this event so freaking funny. And ok, I guess that's not really a compliment for Skizz's building talent, but, it is a compliment for whoever was brave enough to invite him! 1000x more relatable with someone who would have done just as good as me and 90% of the audience. I want to see more of him in this kind of content!!!!
  • @krwrie
    This feels like a combination of Gartic Phone and Build Swap, and I'm all here for it
  • @Kara_the_elf
    Grian apologizing to Rapunzels hair is absolutely perfect
  • @superliogaming
    Love how Solidarity is supportive of Skizz while Grian just says that every single round got ruined solely because of Skizz lol
  • @Glockas
    "Im not sure which one Rapunzel is" I can hear scars disappointment
  • @lasercraft32
    "this looks like a frog... no, its sitting down, its a GOBLIN!" - Grian 2023
  • @hawkspiral
    I used to watch sethbling and friends play this on this ancient map with brown walls like 8 years ago, and I've never been happier to see the return of something :D
  • @YaburuRunyaru
    I've got to say, Grian I think is one of the few if not the only creator where he creates extremely fun group ideas that successfully every time sends me to every one of the other people's channels. Never have I ever been so engaged with everyone in a group collab. I LOVE this Gartic Phone inspired build collab!
  • @dinomite72
    This feels like a new version of build swap and I could not be more excited
  • @Kwnai_zero
    Skizz is a lil bit confused but hes got spirit
  • @veryblocky
    This is exactly like the building game Sethbling used to do, except that automated the moving of people and guesses around. It’s fun content to watch, you would do more of this
  • @earthlover8914
    This was absolutely amazing! 😂 I about cried when Joel thought it was a panda calling for help