I Made My Friends GUESS THE BUILD Again.. /w Grian, Joel, Gem, Impulse & Skizz

Published 2023-12-13
Myself and my friends decided to create and play a chaotic building game again and here's how it went..

Grian -    • Minecraft: GUESS THE BUILD! (Build Ba...  
Smallishbeans -    • Cute & Chaotic | Guess the Build with...  
ImpulseSV -    • They Made ME As A Sheep!? - GUESS THA...  
Skizzleman -    • GUESS THAT BUILD PT 2! w/Grian,Joel,G...  
GeminiTay -    • Minecraft: Guess the Build! My Friend...  

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All Comments (21)
  • @thegameplayer125
    gotta love that the skizz sitting on a toilet prompt is so specific that the only way to draw it wrong is if somebody did so intentionally just to screw around.
  • @chris1iy
    Ill definitely say i prefer it this way. I much prefer watching all the videos when they're different and you see the whole thing rather than seeing the same but slightly different video 6 times.
  • @rubbydraco1334
    Grian refused to build skizz on the toilet like holding your poop with bare hands is something better😂
  • @UniqueName19
    I think scar would be great for series, he's a good builder, will probably make some ridiculous prompts and even weirder guesses
  • @brambleberry95
    Jimmy sighing at the last one followed immediately by grian very genuinely whimpering “I don’t want to” has sent me over the edge
  • The dog ended up eating the homework and gaining the knowledge to write. After publishing its own book they proceeded to finish the homework he ate
  • @lucaswatts2141
    Joel saying "its a gun lad" had me laughing way harder than I should have
  • @mr.lazyness4926
    Jimmy and company: *Do a Guess the Build Challenge* Green Monsters: "Allow us to introduce ourselves"
  • @cosmicreciever
    I love Jimmy not knowing what an Ent is and Joel getting caught up on the wording of calling it a menagerie
  • @discorobots198
    29:24 "Coffee made its way through" "Always does" That is especially funny knowing what line of builds are about to be revealed
  • @theSybil
    Why is Joel so committed to the neck kissing joke I'm literally dying from this man please stop
  • @JillInTheBox
    "What is that, Joel?" "So, it's a gun, lad. It's putting it down." That killed me. XD
  • @Coyt415
    Skizz building himself was something he couldn't mess up. 😊 Yet he did.
  • @Tiki_Doll868
    Anyone else cried with laughter at Skizz's build of himself? "..is this how you see yourself?" 🤣🤣😭🤣🤣 I can't recover!
  • @AnimeFan-wd5pq
    I think solidarity can’t complain about how Grian made his stationary house for his video considering the amount of gremlins, goblins, frogs, and zombies he’s generated for the other videos lol.
  • @JPTLN
    I am absolutely down for this to be a recurring series
  • @wombat4191
    I just love how Jim and Skizz are kinda on the same wavelength, usually being able to guess each other's builds better than most others probably would have.
  • @chloeeeezy
    I was ROLLING laughing the entire video 😂😂😂 The editing and premise was SO much clearer than last time. Well done, everyone!
  • @trujustice924
    You'd expect the OG Big Dog to know how to make a dog. 😆 The fact that Skizz managed to bring Homework back from the abyss is a miracle.
  • @dannieandrews
    Skizz building himself like that is actually hilarious. wtf