Minecraft: Guess the Build! My Friends are Weird Builders

Published 2023-12-13
GeminiTay and friends are back with more rounds of guess the build! This time improved based on your feedback, every POV in one video!

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Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com/ and OBS
Minecraft version 1.20

All Comments (21)
  • @GeminiTayMC
    Pinning a comment to remind you that all 6 videos we did are different! We recorded this for several hours, if you liked this video you can check out the other videos in my description to see 5 other completely different videos.
  • @seineevee
    Cackling at Skizz (former band student) getting technical about the number of valves Gem’s trumpet has in order to figure out which instrument she made. 100% a band student thing to do.
  • @JillInTheBox
    The fact that it was SKIZZ'S original build that made it all the way through, without change, is concerning and hilarious.
  • @GoogleyMoogley
    Honestly, this is so much nicer than having to go watch 6 different videos to understand the context of everything going on, thank you.
  • @lvk4lx
    that hard cut to joel's attempt at a mermaid with the shattering glass audio made me laugh so hard i actually had to pause the video. there are still tears in my eyes 😂
  • @sapphicwhimsy
    absolutely LOST it at skizz giving the cat a saddle
  • @martinneween
    I loved Jimmy’s reaction throughout the entire video ESPECIALLY the ”WHAT DOES A COW LOOK LIKE”
  • @quiietriot
    The self-awareness of Jimmy saying "It looks like the candlestick from beauty in the beast, but I think it's not, but because I don't think so it probably is", was incredible. 10:46
  • @Sladepheonix
    No matter how many times Gem reveals a Jimmy build only to turn and look at him and say, "Jimmy..." it never gets old.
  • @spaguetti290
    This is golden, Skizz narrating his thought process and almost getting it perfect but screwing it up at the end, Jimmy forgets what a cow is, Grian's pain. Chef's kiss honestly
  • The fact that both Skizz and Impulse are band kids makes all the instrument builds so funny 😂😂😂
  • @pink_face
    seeing gem’s build battle days coming back in handy is hilarious😭
  • @lasercraft32
    I really like how each person's perspective shows a different set of rounds, instead of all of them doing the same but with all the context.
  • @crowofkindness
    joel’s build could be interpreted as the heartwarming story of a person discovering her truth and living authentically as herself later in life while continually crushing it with various brass instruments
  • @yoursprinx
    13:47 my jaw DROPPED when i saw this what the HECK??? why DIAGONAL
  • @Pengu69420
    I'm so glad Skizz is still in the series, can't wait to see his guesses
  • @dania4407
    love skizz overanalyzing what the trumpet looks like
  • Gem and Joel: consistently stunning Grian and Impulse: inconsistent but generally good Skizz and Jimmy: one amazing build and the rest are something else
  • Jimmy's man being flushed is actually really good. I love the diagonal build, and it actually looks like he's trying to escape and floundering.