Published 2024-05-27
Today we are playing a building minigame (with Jimmy, Impulse, Gem, Skizz and Joel) where we build something, the next person guesses that build and we build someone else's guess in a cycle until we have swapped 3 times.. and we see what the build looks like. Ever played whispers, telestrations or telephone? It's like that but with Minecraft builds. This time with THEMES! My theme: Unlikely situations.

Everyones POV for this round is on this video. We recorded a unique episode each.

This was super fun and if you want more then you need to let me know in the comments!

Edited by LeeRy30: leery30.com/

Skizz's video:    • GUESS THAT BUILD PT 3! Pet Ownership ...  
Joel's Video:    • All Things ME! | Guess the Build Them...  
Jimmys Video:    • GUESS THE BUILD, But With A THEME! /w...  
Gems Video:    • Minecraft: Guess the Build! - MAGICAL...  
Impulses Video:    • Guess That Cursed Fairy Tale!? - GUES...  

All Comments (21)
  • jimmy not recognizing himself but gem somehow knowing that was etho was quite hilarous
  • @michaelmann7816
    Grian: they should be able to tell this is Jimmy. Jimmy: I've never seen this man in my life...
  • @arrowcomments
    the comedic timing at 19:54 cutting from gem saying “what is that…?” to skizz saying “what is that!?” is just FLAWLESS
  • @jellydragons
    26:41 i am going to HEAVE laughing at skizz tossing loose cocoa beans into the water bowl in a last-ditch attempt to make it look like soup, this man's artistic vision belongs in the dang MoMA
  • @ef1876
    37:08 As a Joel viewer, I can vouch; not only am I a strange, one-eyed, hairless lump of flesh but everyone who has watched Joel in any capacity slowly morphs into looking just like this
  • @noah26hj
    it’s very amusing to see how practiced gem and grian are at building snails
  • @StuffandThings_
    I love how everyone INSTANTLY got Jimmy winning the Life series
  • @Schnarchnase
    Scenario 1: "Unlikely or impossible Scenario" Grian finishing the back of a build.
  • @Feyrintale
    "Unlikely situation" And it's Jimmy winning the life series 😭😭😭 FOUL
  • @emojiface699
    21:10 "And just for reference, I have never seen Star Wars" You can almost hear Scar quietly sobbing in the background
  • @quiietriot
    "That looks like Etho dude!!" 6 blocks on a pair of legs 7:55 This is my favorite series on youtube easily.
  • @PamelaJGranados
    The fact that the turns were done in a way that both Gem and Grian both got to build snails
  • @MrLinkinJason
    30:38 Joel: "what is going on with Mumbo's a*se?" That caught me off guard but I find that funny 🤣
  • @skcch1796
    i love that impulse's idea of a cool person is someone wearing purple pants
  • 35:37 can confirm as a Joel viewer I do in fact look like exactly like that (kinda scary how accurate it is tbh )(like how does he know how I look like?!?!?!) (are you in my house jimmy???!?!)
  • Grians genuine disgust at Jimmy building joels "audience" was hilarious