Beating Minecraft With a SHARED Account

Published 2023-08-29

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  • the difference between joel being so peaceful willing to help the other players and grian being an absolute danger, thriving on the chaos.
  • @thestoopidiot870
    I love how Grian immediately resorted to sabotage and misdirection. He discovered Scar was utterly clueless and just instantly decided to disrupt the oponents' communication.
  • @Cheetahhh
    After watching both, the contrast between Grian's unbridled chaos and Joel's controlled torment is absolutely hilarious.
  • @galaxi6585
    love how the 3 others are like "ok lets be as civil as reasonably possible for two opposing teams" and grian is like "minecraft manhunt with 4d chess and lava"
  • @crabbycosplay
    Joel+Grian VS Tim+Scar is like putting a child against an NBA player
  • @jacobkeyser8628
    If I had a nickel for every time Grian trapped Scar in a death loop I’d have like three nickels
  • @RBRT02
    Thefact that Scar followed Grian all the way. Thats impressive. If you have ever tried to follow someone, you know you usually loose them every 10 blocks
  • @Blanch590
    I love how Grian immediately decided to start sabotaging the other team. Peace was never an option.
  • @kamixivi7145
    Grian being an evil mastermind is enough content for me
  • @jtswartz1672
    I was really wondering why Grian didn't respond to Joel when he asked him what he was having for dinner but it's HILARIOUS that Grian just thought that meant Joel made him Minecraft dinner
  • @PeamThePanda
    I think the fact that you aren't particularly pro-gamers IS what makes this so interesting to watch. I've had my share of sweaty speedrunners, to be honest, but your shenanigans never get old
  • @spookysomeone
    scar running up to the ender dragon screaming "im gonna bang it" is peak comedy
  • @ArklusDryxal
    I love how incompetent and competent Scar is at the same time.
  • @Xaiquyn
    Seeing Grian trick Scar and mislead him is so perfect I would love to see Grian do a deathswap, those are fun
  • @naghtel1228
    I swear to god, the marketing of these collab vids is such a genius move because each video literally has only a quarter of what’s happening so we are forced to watch at least three of of the four to figure out what happened in the moments of amnesia
  • I love how Joel literally said "got bucket of lava for quick death" and Grian's like "how did he die??" like yeah Grian I really wonder how he died
  • @zeevasayber
    I have no words to explain how absolutely entertaining Grian being Grian is.
  • @PJOZeus
    For those who are unaware, when throwing an item, priority on picking it up is given to the player who logged onto the world first So Joel joined before Grian and Solidarity joined before Scar It doesn't matter who throws it, it doesn't matter who's closer (when both in range), it only matters who joined the world first Minecraft 101
  • @scarletrevon522
    18:44 we sure grian isn’t a sadist 😂 This gives me flash backs to last season when they pranked scar with a death loop
  • @lavenderly_
    I love how the others are helping each other and trying to make this a regular race while grian just decided to straight up sabotage for thr chaos