I Made an Escape Room for my Friends in Minecraft...

Published 2022-12-09

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  • @stas4217
    12:09 I lost it when Joel started yelling "I tested it! Look! It's easy!" and came down himself to show how it's done
  • 12:10 I absolutely love the idea of Jigsaw getting fed up with someone he's captured failing at the easy part and just smashing into the room to show how easy it is before swooping back out.
  • @RosileeJe
    Joel angrily breaking through the ceiling to light the candle for you absolutely cracked me up lol. This is such a cool collab!
  • Joel bursting out of the ceiling due to being frustrated at them being incapable of doing the puzzle so he can do it himself is way funnier then it has the right to be
  • @rosiemason10
    My three takeaways from this video: - Impulse is the only one who takes it seriously and actually knows what to do - Joel has a very warped sense of humour - Grian just misses Mumbo
  • @the_Ikar
    I was kinda expecting Grian to ask Imulse "So... you got that axe too, aren't you" before entering the Mumbo Pandas room. Joel did the most expectable thing in the world and they fell for it
  • 14:41 when Grian just goes ”IMPATIENTSV” is golden Then 16:02 when they both scream ”WAIT YOU HAVE ONE TOO?!” just shows how cruel Joel is Edit: I watched all 3 episodes of this in one day 2 months ago and questioning my sanity. As Dan Reynolds once said: “they’re just a figment of imagination” because I have schizophrenia but live for Scarian and ID
  • ‘He’s smart, and he’s small’ What a way to describe your friends
  • @anexor3632
    As a map maker who's made escape rooms before; watching your friends struggle to see puzzle clues that you literally point out to them is pretty funny.
  • I absolutely enjoyed Joels escape room. The voice is just icing on the cake. Made me crack up every room :)
  • @animeking1357
    I love that Joel put a button that specifically kills Grain because he knew Grian wouldn't be able to resist. I'm pretty sure I could understand Joel but I appreciate the subtitles.
  • @kinuwa_k4791
    Grian constantly missing Mumbo is the most wholesome thing evah
  • Joels escape room is actually super fun and creative, even if it does revolve around the brutal slaughter of innocent animals.
  • @Mmiaaannb
    After watching all three videos, it is apparent that these match your personalities. Impulse’s logic and kindness, Grian’s chaos, and Joel’s Drama
  • @FablesTold
    Grian: Grumbot just can't let go of Mumbo Also Grian: If Impulse wants to relax he can chill in this nice peaceful room full of Mumbo heads. I begin to suspect that Grumbot's obsession with Mumbo might have been inherited and not a bug in the system. Edit: 4:30 please never let grian figure out how to turn that into a skin, my heart can't take it and neither can Scar's.
  • @Dynasty0612
    “These are my friends, Joel and Impulse. He’s smart(Impulse) and he’s small(Joel).” What a way to start the video.
  • @Isowtlygm7542
    "The nicest fella a Grian could ever know" Sounds like the best compliment a man can get
  • @MorganSaph
    Joel did pretty well. It could basically be a minecraft personality test. You would rather kill turtles than think of how to use the tools you have (a hoe), you need to think outside the box to light the candles (and pay attention to the information your "captor" "accidentally" gives you), be observant or curious enough to check walls (trapdoors) (in this case, it was just Grian flipping a trapdoor. It's just like levers, really), and finally, would you kill your friend to save a beloved pet, or kill a beloved pet to save a friend. Ultimately, it seem like a test that would reward you for thinking outside the box and also for not being violent. 10/10 Joel did good work
  • @lolli_popples
    Jimmy sure gets a lot of compliments in these escape rooms.