GUESS THAT BUILD! w/Grian,Joel,Gem,Jimmy & Impulse

Published 2023-11-13
GUESS THAT BUILD! w/Grian,Joel,Gem,Jimmy & Impulse

Make sure you check out everybody else's POV so you can experience the fantastic reactions to how their original drawing went massively askew.

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Really fun video of my friends and I playing a game of art that one can only deem as a brutal testament to natural ability......or lack thereof.

The premise is as follows:
Person A draws a picture
Person B makes a guess of what they think Person A's picture is
Person C draws a picture of what Person B's guess was
Person D makes a guess of what they think Person B's guess was
Person get.

As for my drawings?.........I'll just apologize now. Enjoy!

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All Comments (21)
  • @Cheestastical
    I can’t blame Skizz for not being able to build but those guesses were truly a crime
  • @adeptusmedicus
    Poor skizz is clearly so nervous but I respect you going so far out of your comfort zone, great fun.
  • @izelthewashbear
    For some reason Skizz refering to what he's doing as 'drawing' instead of 'building' is weirdly comforting
  • @sambish3961
    Watching everyone else's POV first made this so much funnier. I saw Skizz' original prompt and wheezed.
  • @quiietriot
    The value Skizz added to this game was off the charts, every build was SO funny.
  • @CruiserToneFan
    i love how skizz reads out the guess "cookie superhero" and then everyone collectively gangs up on jimmy lmao
  • @philipcross6733
    Everyone turning on jimmy made me laugh so hard. Keep it up skizz.
  • @sir-jay-bell
    The progression of skizz's first build is actually a love story! 1. Mumbo on a date with the moon 2. Mumbo and the moon hanging out 3. Mumbo and the moon's... child
  • @statelyelms
    Skizz being the element of hilarious chaos in a game hosted by Grian of all people certainly was something! Really made the whole thing so funny, "merry poppins in hell" made me laugh out loud And then of course, the redemption arc, with everyone getting "super hero pizza" correctly and Skizz getting so happy.. only for him to read "cookie super hero" and jimmy and joel to explode at each other in the funniest fight I've witnessed in years "IT'S IN THE SHAPE OF A COOKIE AS WELL YOU FOOL" "WHAT KIND OF COOKIE HAS YELLOW AND RED!?!?" (for the record.. a playdough cookie from "Mmm, Cookies!" by Robert Munsch does.. and so could a sugar cookie.. but cmon!)
  • @coldrainyday63
    Skizz worrying that Jimmy will be mainly confused on what kind of game Mumbo and Pacman are playing.... love the optimism dude! This was mega entertaining :D
  • @SamuBrownYT
    Skizz you are the MVP if this episode. It was so much funnier because of your guesses.
  • @discoj7112
    Not the meat trolley we needed, but the meat trolley we deserved. (I absolutely loved the pure chaos Skizzleman brought to this game. Please do this again!)
  • @e10hotrods
    Who else is yelling at skiz with the guesses lol 😂 😂 Edit: after watching all the other povs! I can only shake my head. I hope they all do this again.
  • @justicefool3942
    Hey Skizz, loving this episode. I'm only halfway through and I haven't stopped laughing. All your works of "Art" are beautiful in their own special way.
  • @thatbeesprout
    Most of this video being Skizz struggling and having a rough time, then at the end having it go so perfect and everyone being so excited and supportive...then Jimmy called it a cookie and he gets collectively shouted at by everyone but Skizz. Feels like the right way to end this honestly, like balance was restored. Genuinely though, amazing job and it was so cool to see you step out of your comfort zone with this amazing group! I would love to see you all do more like this (maybe you could try gartic phone, the builders may not be the best at actually drawing stuff anyway)
  • @authormaf
    skizz put all his skill points in charisma, and we love him for it <3
  • @klbzplb
    skizz, from a purely entertainment standpoint, you are phenomenal at this. your builds added so much fun and chaos to the game with how unclear they were <3 your pov was very fun to watch!