Published 2024-04-01

REAL LIFE Description:
We just had to give the Life series a go in Virtual Reality. The madness is real. The frustration is real. And the laughs are as real as it gets!

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All Comments (21)
  • @joju997
    The biggest troll is how fun this team would be in an actual Life Series
  • @TheColorCraftMC
    Martyn saying “These kids aren’t mine.” was some funny foreshadowing.
  • You know the Life Series Vid will be great when it has a motion sickness warning
  • @Coraledge
    If mumbo was here he wouldve been pressured to press shift with his thumb
  • @mysteriouss7
    1:07 it brings me pure joy to see how well Skizz's neck pays attention to what Grian has to say😂
  • @bihan4414
    love how this episode basically ended up being "group of friends beat the shit out of each other in VR minecraft"
  • @bravehearticus
    "I play minecraft to get away from having kids!" 😂😂😂😂
  • @agentzap
    The way everyone cheers after killing the creeper is so cute 😂
  • @54m0h7
    Figures, the one time the character models are shorter and no Bdubs. XD
  • @Mira-bt3zx
    The giant chicken at 6:16 while Cleo’s proposing New Hobbiton is hilarious. Also reminds me of Zedaph’s recent shenanigans, they look like baby villagers.
  • @skizzpulse
    Am I crazy for choosing Skizzleman’s pov to watch a VR Minecraft video? Yes, yes I am. Did I still watch the whole thing? Yes, yes I did.
  • @beatricer.406
    @7:30 "Aziz! Light!" Omg, that's one of my favorite quotes from The Fifth Element! One of my favorite movies of all time 😂
  • @riuphane
    Your itty bitty streamer cam in the corner is so good. This was the best
  • The “fight” between you and impulse killed me 😂😂. Don’t think I didn’t notice you turn your head when you had impulse in front of you. Wholesome moment
  • @doctorpan3660
    I wasn't surprised to jimmy die this fast. My man kept his reputation
  • @beafbuger
    this was an expensive april fools prank😅
  • @LieutenantRancid
    I love this so much. The beginning makes me really wish for you to actually team with Cleo in the future.