I Forced Youtubers to do an Escape Room for my BIRTHDAY!

Published 2023-11-12
So today I decided to build another Escape Room In Minecraft and force some Youtubers to do it and see who could get out the quickest!

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All Comments (21)
  • @fWhip
    So what I'm hearing is I'm your best best friend.
  • “Scott I’m straight” was the best answer fwhip could’ve given😂😂😂
  • @Egg_thing
    5:17 "any friend should know this" "Scott, I'm straight" "...that's also true"
  • @Van-dq4sw
    I love how, ostensibly, the choose-your-order setup could make it hard to tell who's in the lead. After all, you could have someone do the short rooms first, and then struggle on one like the quiz that can take super long, while someone else tackles the long ones first and speed through the ending. And then Fwhip just said 'actually I'm just gonna be fast on everything'.
  • @timexgirl
    Happy Birthday! Also, Jimmy getting second, when he spent the entire thing giving himself a hard time, is proof of his awesomeness and he should believe in himself more.
  • @ms_scribbles
    "Scott, I'm straight." 🤣 Aw, bless ya, fWhip.
  • I love how Gem and Owen were overthinking the maze like "nope I don't believe you would be that straightforward" when you were it just makes it unexpected mwahahahah also happy birthday!!!
  • @Rayven-mb7zo
    Of course the best thing to do for your birthday is trap a bunch of your friends in an escape room. Happy Birthday Scott
  • @-Trixx
    Happy Birthday, Scott! Hope you had a good birthday :)
  • @panboo4628
    "Scott I'm straight" "That's also true" amazing
  • @SaltySweetRen
    Happy Birthday Scott! This was fun to watch! XD I was dying at Fwhip's "Scott, I'm straight!"
  • @Empereia
    Happy Birthday, Scott! You are truly an inspiration to the Minecraft community, and I just wanted to let you know that we all appreciate you and the work you put into your content. Have an awesome birthday! 🎉❤
  • @lpsjewel
    the "Scott, I'm straight."" line killed me! XD Happy Birthday!
  • @sugamother
    Happy birthday, Scott! Wishing you all the great things! <3
  • @ellieroses9434
    Happy birthday Scott! I’ve been watching you for years now and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of watching your videos!! Thank you for making such good, funny, exciting, and entertaining content
  • @familyb10
    “Scott, I’m straight” got me crying of laughter on the floor 🤣🤣🤣
  • @Izu_Afton1483
    Happy birthday Scott! Thank you for everything! I'm proud to say I started watching back in the Kingdomcraft era!