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On this channel I will be posting videos of trains I see in real life, and funny things that happened on games I play or in real life. One thing to note though, my videos will not be perfect in terms of quality because I record them with my phone, and it is kind of old. So I will try to make my videos be good, and one thing about my channel, I do not swear. So this channel will be completely child friendly, as I will only be posting videos of things I like. However, this may contain games from Steam, like war robots, world of tanks blitz, and so on. I will try my best not to post videos of me playing games that have blood, gore, and that stuff. Also I do not know how to edit so do not expect lots of editing like words on the screen and stuff. I might get into editing later in my life, so Thank you, subscribe and turn on the bell for notifications, and have a nice day! (Side note, I will not be incredibly active all the time because my families house is on sale so videos will be slow.)

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