GUESS THAT BUILD PT 2! w/Grian,Joel,Gem,Jimmy & Impulse

Published 2023-12-13
GUESS THAT BUILD! w/Grian,Joel,Gem,Jimmy & Impulse

Make sure you check out everybody else's video because we actually did 6 different versions!

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Really fun video of my friends and I playing a game of art that one can only deem as a brutal testament to natural ability......or lack thereof.

The premise is as follows:
Person A draws a picture
Person B makes a guess of what they think Person A's picture is
Person C draws a picture of what Person B's guess was
Person D makes a guess of what they think Person B's guess was
Person get.

As for my drawings?.........I'll just apologize now. Enjoy!

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All Comments (21)
  • @justicefool3942
    Skizz makes the "GUESS THAT BUILD" videos 500% funnier and better than it would be without him.
  • @alienduck8820
    Grian's Brain Man = MumboJumbo Woman = PearlescentMoon
  • @Pancakes27
    We can all agree that Skizz makes a lot of terrible builds in these games, which I find hilarious, but I have to give him props for his Scrabble game with the turtle. 10/10 build!
  • @cheetahpelt260
    Joel and Grian so traumatized from Secret Life they opened their first book and said “the task is…” lmao
  • @Adeseo
    I think one line from this episode really helps explain why skizz gets so frazzled with his builds: “of course I know what a scrabble board looks like, but I don’t have time to think about it!” As he actively builds NOT a scrabble board 😂
  • @kaylabrodnax3077
    Grian- “oh no, skizz is going to think this is mumbo” Skizz- “well this is obviously mumbo”
  • @liammccoy385
    I just want to listen to Gem yelling “IMPULSE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD” all day, I was absolutely dying when that happened, i have gained so much respect for Gem as a builder and personality through this series
  • @catntmeows
    Skizz will always be my first pov! People tremble at his building prowess!!
  • To be fair, Skizz did pretty much build Jabba the Hutt on a treadmill. It actually looks pretty good. Never would've guessed it, but it looks good for what it's meant to be.
  • @noatmealcookie02
    i love how Grian says 'i think i built Gem accidently' and the guess is 'Pearl on a banana' with how everyone keeps calling Pearl Gem and vise versa on streams and in vids, it's pretty on brand lol (also it DOES look like Pearl, colorwise and such, i guess Joel remembered her Empires 1 skin)
  • @imunoriginal382
    Gem: "This took you five minutes, buddy?" that caught me off guard 😂
  • @mcwheesus
    Yall absolutely nailed the format with this. Im sure it was a chore recording 6 individual games and it probably took 3-4 hours of recording including down time but it worked fantastically. I watched everyones episodes and im sure most everyone else did too.
  • @sappical
    Skizz genuinely dying wheezing at the start of his zombie has me cackling, his laugh is so chaotic LOL.
  • @bearpawdgamr2785
    Gem wanting to swear at Jimmy so badly lives in my head now. Grian, it's ok. We love that you always think of Mumbo when it comes to man.
  • @CMinorOp67
    17:29: “I am very proud of this turtle!!” The editing for this video is great. So much fun. 18:24: manta ray!!
  • @eaglespirit7926
    You are so hard on yourself for your 'lack of skill' but I need you to know it makes these videos 1000X funnier. My sides hurt from laughing 😂
  • @nissin3922
    THE LAST BUILD HAD ME WHEEEEZINGGG Everybody was so excited that the two guesses were consistent then they saw the build 😂😂😂😂
  • @AmenKing1999
    5:37 IDK why I felt like Gem was about to curse at Jimmy like he's her brother or something.
  • @jond7691
    I actually thought the builds went well this week skizz! The problems come when there is any doubt for a guess, everyone else fills in the gap with something normal. Skizz fills the gaps with sheer insanity and we love it!