Professionals Among Us - The Greatest Game Skizz Has Ever Had

Published 2021-02-17
OMG this is the best I have ever done with Among Us! I was on point. Watch as I play along the best in the biz; Grian, Smallishbeans, Tangotek, impulsesv, Rendog, Goodtimes with scar and Pungence. The amount of fun was hard to take!

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  • @whythis2341
    “There’s two now” IS SUCH A GOOD KILL LINE
  • @XyloJW123
    3:15 I have never heard Scar sound so utterly menacing as when he mutters “Quiet, Skizz” Lmao
  • @mollymiccee
    Scar’s “I bring my own oxygen, I’m good” gets me every time
  • @shadeswift9915
    This is so, so good. The biggest advantage Skizz has is that he doesn't seem like he'd be a good liar, but he is EXCELLENT at it! This is peak entertainment, amazing job Skizz.
  • @aidanlanz3114
    Hang on be there in a sec... *kills scar* *Continues without hesitation* What a power move! 😂
  • @jlh5310
    Everything about this was so entertaining: Scar and Grian arguing, Bdubs yelling at everyone, Pungence’s childlike faith in Skizz, the 3rd & 4th impostering, Skizz’s epic murdering spree. Hilarious!
  • @TimHoppen
    There's two now... Scar is SAVAGE. Good times indeed
  • @izzy_able
    It’s hard to believe this was 3 years ago, the old among us vods are so comforting when I can’t sleep.
  • @qloewe1215
    i love how joel started monologuing to rendog before killing him and ren fled mid-monologue, saving himself 😂 lesson : don’t monologue
  • @namonamc
    That "wait a sec I'll be there soon" then stab Scar was so so funny xDDDD
  • @CMinorOp67
    1:11...Daaaaaang! Scar went full Pulp Fiction. That was great.
  • Skizzleman, sir, I owe you my life for suplying me with this content. Thank you very much. ❤
  • @saltwithglasses
    That "what the frick" sounded so crisp it actually sounded like a curse word
  • Bdubs and Pungence sounding the same and confusing everyone is so hilarious. And skizz is just the main target of all the imposters. 😂😂
  • @RowanTS
    Scar’s really levelling up his game
  • @RTheViking
    I miss you guys playing Among Us. Scars first kill was just perfect
  • @Bradmall
    Late to the party but Scar’s line “there’s two now was perfect” lol!