Minecraft Magic is Insanely Fun

Published 2023-12-23

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  • @firekitty4263
    We need a part 2 and a series where the group conquers the magical world.
  • @NizarSaidi
    I'm honestly so happy seeing rek still having fun playing Minecraft with his friends, I wanna see more of these shenanigans.
  • @Bellasimpson3
    “With sticks and a DANDELION” zooms in on a SUNFLOWER
  • @ernestkuok3139
    Isn't it just amazing when you watch a video about someone just having fun in minecraft?
  • @Genweirdo
    For those curious, The mod for the magic shown in this is Iron's Spells 'n Spellbooks. As for the modpack, You'll have to do your own research, for it is VERY difficult to find the exact modpack depending on the few things we've seen from this so far. If you want me to seek out any specific mods though feel free to leave a comment and i'll take a look for what i can find!
  • @sbd1_blake944
    For people looking for the mods used in the video: Iron's Spells 'n Spellbooks is the magic system being used Born in Chaos adds those ore termites and the glowing eyed beast and Supplementaries adds those cool signs that point towards villages I'm also still looking for the mod that adds that Burst Crossbow. I know its from Minecraft Dungeons and I know that double axe that Prismatics had was also from Dungeons
  • @DannyD0RIT0
    i hope this becomes a series, this seems like so much fun
  • @bhavitd1201
    You should totally make a part 2 of this or even a series. I loved this video!
  • @mrfoxbox9536
    "for good health" proceeds to drink one of the deadliest potions known to man
  • @ammyterasu2318
    i seriously want more of this, the energy is so infectious and straight up a blast to watch/listen to and you sound like you're having so much fun which makes it top tier
  • @Lily_Ember
    is this a custom pack or a "regular"pack ur playing ... and could u maybe give a list of the mods inside? so we can try the experience aswell :3
  • @Pimfromeurop
    Thank you so much for making these vids rek! I love your content and comment for the first time and i hope you have a happy new year! (Please play more of magic minecraft)
  • @LofLo13
    rekrap <33 (also merry christmas if u celebrate that) (also yes i did change my comment don’t hate me 😭)
  • @AnslordMC
    This is going to be an epic series, always love the vibe of moded adventures in multiplayer!
  • @Its_DavyJones
    This is probably already said before, but still: I love seeing Rek having so much fun with this group of friends! Can you continue this series please???
  • @Emunah_
    This was really fun and enjoyable to watch! :D Would love to see more in the future!