Published 2024-02-24

ashswag gets bored and takes over the genesis smp where everyone has special abilities.
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-edited by ash and tertel!
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All Comments (21)
  • @mareserenitatis_
    > disappears for 6 months > kidnaps god > becomes a supervillain > leaves average ashswag behavior
  • bubble: im sorry but we can never be friends again ashswag in question: ur lucky you have been spared
  • @theoverseer393
    >purple >can stop time > does a hitman service Like a character straight out of Dragon Ball Super
  • @Foxyron1973
    Finally we can see the paw patrol fall to the hole of failure and suffering until there is nothing but a blank expression without feelings or soul
  • @Bigbearbro29
    “I’m sorry but we can never be friends again” bro the way she said that so innocently was so fuckin funny 😂
  • @spedexep6011
    Ashswag: Losing battle Also Ashswag: remembers that he has end crystals Ashswag: "I WAS USING JUST 2% OF MY POWER"
  • @dealforbet8888
    Ashswag really out here living in his own anime plotline, and I'm here for it.
  • @avienzo
    Finally, Ash finished his homework.
  • @killmenow3181
    Bubble is so cute, like not in a weird way, she just seems so wholesome and her powers suit her with her short stature 😂🙏
  • @anogrekid
    the jojos themes everywhere make it so much better, especially since you have a time stop ability like the world
  • Ashwag: "YOU SHALL SUFFER MY TYRANNY AND HAVE NO WAY OF REBELLION AS I HAVE THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPONS AT ARM'S REACH" Bubble: "Can I Have Some Iron Please" Ashwag: "3rd Double Chest From The Right, Don't Take More Than 3 Stacks" Bubble: "Thank You"
  • @boredrealyly3877
    Watching Prince Zam weep while breaking his own patrol tower was funny for some reason 💀
  • @BobThePenguin.
    Ashwag really had a whole ass anime villain moment at the end with that crystal: "I wasn't even trying yet."