Minecraft: Guess the Build! - MAGICAL GARDEN EDITION

Published 2024-05-27
GeminiTay and friends are back with more guess the build! Today we each picked a theme for our videos, I made the boys build some magical gardens!

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Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com/ and OBS
Minecraft version 1.20.4

All Comments (21)
  • @juliets_art667
    gem: "i'm so excited to see what the boys are going to come up with" cut to skizz making vegetable poker
  • @cat8506
    the contrast between gem's, grian's and joel's building expertise breezing through and skizz impulse and jimmy trying their best is so funny 😭
  • gem hoping for fairy core: everyone else going straight for alice and wonderland wacky:
  • @vee0627
    you can tell skizz got his flower stuff by just searching flower in the menu which is why his flower stuff is made with flowering azalea lol
  • @gaspshichat
    "i'm gem and i love gardens." spot on impression jimmy. i thought that was gem
  • @antowoknee
    scar’s icon sitting ominously in the corner is on brand
  • @bird.brainsss
    love scar just appearing, saying nothing, then leaving. Very on brand for him
  • @_stxlas
    28:26 joel aggressively yelling "THAT'S A BANANA" im in tears
  • @DreamliightxYua
    Impulse: I'm embarrassed Jimmy: I will not be embarrassed Those 2 clips being side by side is fantastic.
  • @JayDeeMac
    11:05 - "do flowers have elbows?" One of the great philosophical questions of our time
  • @You-ul8qw
    Gem: 'I wanna see what the boys do with a magical garden' Joel: 'Lets get some blood coming out of this flower'
  • @DrKEntty
    15:39 "I don't know why I keep signing up" "I enjoy the abuse" a perfect Skizz status.
  • @beket__
    skizz not understanding how water sources work was so funny
  • @RekaCath
    I don't know what I expected when hearing this theme, but Joel being the only one of the boys to even go for a cutesy theme probably should've been it
  • @rousedobrev6941
    Grian: "Might be really old. 15 Years old now." Like Minecraft?
  • @saffral
    I love how Skizz typed "flower" into the creative search and then proceeded to use flowering azalea leaves to build every flower. It's not about what it looks like, it's about what the block is named. Also torchflowers and cornflowers. I'm sure if someone gave a prompt with the word "anchor" Skizz would make it out of respawn anchors.
  • @jef_3006
    Impulse: A carrot picking rabbits Me: (Imagines a wondrous world where rabbits grow in the ground like plants, and are eventually born when they're picked by a friendly carrot) Gem: (sees build) A carrot planting rabbits. Gem: (Proceeds to spend the rest of the session upset about the rabbit burying, an idea which came entirely from her own head) Gem was shown a depiction of the miracle of life, and saw only death. I say this all in good fun, of course, but I think Impulse was absolutely following the theme.
  • @michaelford5563
    27:12, IN SKIZZ'S DEFENSE, those flower designs bear a VERY strong resemblance in shape and color to the Saguaro cactus, native to Skizz's home state of Arizona. I lived there for a bit and they're EVERYWHERE and they look just like that. 🌵
  • @noitavlas
    15:03 "I'm embarrassed..." cut "I WILL NOT BE EMBARRASSED ‼"