GUESS THE BUILD, But With A THEME! /w Grian, Joel, Gem, Impulse & Skizz!

Published 2024-05-27
Myself and my friends decided to create and play a chaotic building game again but with selecting a THEME to build and here's how it went..

Grian -    • Minecraft: GUESS THE BUILD: THEMED!  
Smallishbeans -    • All Things ME! | Guess the Build Them...  
ImpulseSV -    • Guess That Cursed Fairy Tale!? - GUES...  
Skizzleman -    • GUESS THAT BUILD PT 3! Pet Ownership ...  
GeminiTay -    • Minecraft: GUESS THE BUILD: THEMED!  


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All Comments (21)
  • @Hope_B-68742
    Gem "Learn how to read, Joel!"
    Joel "Shut up Gem. Learn how to spell soap, you idiot!"
    I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣
  • @amqqthyst
    The fact that Jimmy and Grian did the same prompt is so funny 😭
  • @ariannebrodeur
    Adorable that Impulse saw Jimmy and Grian and simplified it as best friends and Grian immediately interpreted best friends as him and Jimmy without Impulse saying it 😭
  • @JillInTheBox
    To summarize: Grian and Jimmy meet at the supermarket, show each other their pottery, then goes to pottery class. Then, Grian is late for a stream. Grian tries to play an Uno reverse card, but Joel ultimately makes a correction. All while no one can figure out what Impulse's prompt is.
  • @emryspaperart
    skizz's silence when he realised he was building the same prompt a second time is killing me lmao
  • @Patriciameloc
    "I prefer to do my Grians with oak" my favorite quote
  • @runleyraven
    "Oh You... Son of a gun !!!"
    That JImmy's reaction to Grian's first build was SO genuine it made me lmao
  • @dawnsoisson3140
    Grian: “he’s not gonna get this”

    cuts to Jimmy doing the exact same prompt
  • @Cluemily
    The shared braincell over everyone silently agreeing every prompt will involve Jimmy and/or Grian is perfect, 10/10.
  • Man, I hate it when Jimmy personally comes to my house to throw drones thru my windows. Really grinds my gears.
  • @astelle2614
    "Every build is Jimmy" off to a great, wholesome start already
  • @BluejaySerenade
    I love how even though Grian makes fun of Jimmy all the time, he still considers Jimmy to be his best friend, really wholesome!
  • @pelukiuz
    I love how the video starts with jimmy saying "don't you dare build me" for the grind my gears prompt and then ends up being in every single chain
  • I don’t know if urinals are different shapes in the UK, but Joel didn’t get what I think is Skizz’ best work so far
  • @rosiedavies9521
    “learn how to spell soap you idiot” had me cackling icl😭🤣
  • So grian and jimmy had the same promt basically. That is so fantastic.
  • @Rubin_Rubinia
    Jimmy: "I hate it when Grian is late to my stream"
    Grian: "I hate it when people are late to my stream"
  • @GianiJr16
    Jimmy and Grian blaming the other person for being late is so funny haha
  • @DehCookiPleb
    At 33:58 and 34:08 Grian sounds genuienly sad and guilty. This just shows he really does care despite the seemingly endless Jimmy slander 😂😭🥺🥺