I Played PICO PARK And This Happened.. | Ft. Grian, LDShadowLady & SmallishBeans

Published 2023-06-25
In this video I play PICO PARK with friends and here is our how our adventures went.. enjoy.

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Lizzie - youtube.com/@ldshadowlady

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All Comments (21)
  • @Jay244
    The fact that Grian is probably actually in a Hermitcraft Meeting during this makes this all the funnier.
  • Putting Grian into the "Don't push buttons" level is like giving a drugs-addict a whole basket of weed-cupcakes, telling them "don't eat anything" and then leaving them alone for a day.
  • @hitavi4965
    Grian not being part of the call in the beginning honestly made it so much funnier, you just see him doing random things as everyone gets frustrated and can only imagine what he must be thinking
  • @MoopNoodlez
    7:30 grian: "i'm going back to the hermitcraft meeting" joel: "what are they gonna say? ooo we play minecraft, yeah" 8 months later and joel is in hermitcraft
  • I remember when I watched it live and one of the live chat people said “I bet grian will be late and say ‘oh I was organising my keycaps’ ” and then Lizzie came on late like “I was organising my keycaps” and the chat went wild it was absolutely hilarious
  • @Astrobolt7281
    I’m just imagining grian trying to scream at them while playing during the hermitcraft meeting
  • It was so fun watching this live!! And I love how it was edited down with all the chaos, purely the starting clips were perfect! The video was such a fun watch, and I kept laughing at it, despite having seen it all already. Keep up the good work Jim! And hope you guys play more games like this in the future!
  • @yoti2155
    Loved this stream. Rewatched it several times. I had wondered how on Earth the editor would be able to cut this mess together, so big props to them for getting something usable out of it - great video!
  • The perfect tactic for "Don't push buttons/levers" sections in games - kick Grian out and don't let him join, until you pass it
  • @MostaChloe
    I find it absolutely insane that within the last month Jimmy has gained around 400,000 subscribers and 13,000,000 views! Absolutely mental! Well deserved Jimmy!! Congrats on hitting 1 million :)
  • 3:37 : Jeol and Lizzie just chilling together like the husband and wife they are 3:39 : The bar pushing Jimmy towards them to crash on their date lol
  • 7:31 Joel making fun of Hermitcraft and its members Less than an year later Joel joins Hermitcraft 😂😂
  • @user___960
    Grian can't stop pushing buttons "THERE WERE BUTTONS ON THE FLOOR JIMMYYYY"
  • @mycroft3322
    Rewatching this classic because I remember as soon as it came out and I saw the “do not push” buttons, I knew I wanted to see Grian play it, and he did not disappoint. The stream was hilarious
  • @nightfalldust
    somehow a 2 hour long chaotic pico Park stream was all summarised into 15 minutes.
  • It was so fun watching this live, and now we know Grian and buttons that say “Do Not Push” ABSOLUTELY do not mix lol
  • "He never turns up to hermitcraft meeting." No Jim that is mumbo's job.