Solidarity REACTS to "Secret Life OUT OF CONTEXT!!"

Published 2023-11-30

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  • @south452
    ‘ don’t forget to shift, when ur near a rift ‘ spoken out loud by Lizzie of all people.
  • @ruffboiALT
    Scott "I will flirt with all my male friends shamelessly" Smajor
  • @billabong5366
    There's a part where Bdubs exclaims that their group could be called "The axis", that one would have been good out of context.
  • BigB's first episode contained 33 utterances of the word "hole." AND NONE OF THESE INSTANCES MADE IT INTO THE OUT OF CONTEXT VIDS? BigB is criminally underrated.
  • @canned_r1ce678
    I love the clip where Cleo asks Bdubs: "Bdubs, where is your boyfriend?" "uhm.. Etho is.."
  • @Lewkis01
    Scar basically is the embodiment of "out of context". And you can't convince me it's on accident, no matter how innocent he tries to be about it.
  • @name-kq6jm
    12:57 "the hole in session 1 that he went down, he came back and he wasnt the same person anymore" you really made it even worse jimmy
  • 13:20 Context: Bdubs, when referring to Martyn, calls him, “Martyn InThyLittleWood” Tango was just quoting it back in a funny way, possibly meaning this joke in such an out of context manner.
  • @countspyder4769
    How did this exclude Bdubs going “We can be the Axis!” With such confidence and joy
  • I've never seen a life series where skizz and scott had so much competition for most suggestive
  • @bayleyford5734
    9:15. "That's been taken out of context." Jimmy says watching an out of context video.
  • @leafgreen6
    "Do you have a gambling license?" "I have a gambling problem." I laughed so hard I scared my dog at 3am
  • Jim saying that he's just a task and a number is giving "Im Just Ken anywhere else id be a ten" vibes.
  • @kaitknitter
    i love how jimmy scrunches up his nose when he's genuinely laughing
  • @-lilyy.anaa-
    This season has been very... unpg but when is the life series pg lets be honest 😂
  • @Kuzumai
    the amount of "mound" joke being made is just too much for me to handle anymore lmfao
  • @silversamm
    Cleo singing with murderous intent is one of my fave bits, haha
  • @YinClover
    13:50 My absolute favourite 🤣 It gets me every time. I've never been more proud to say I know of it. And the fact Grian was able to say the whole name that well.
  • @WalkinStereotype
    I love how Jimmy recognized the gobbledegook nonsense as Welsh
  • @WitherRose477
    I feel like almost all of this series could be taken out of context lmao