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Leokimvideo is a YouTube channel that's ALWAYS been Family Friendly but NOT a suck up YouTube Kids channel. I review modify and collect toys new and old and my videos can be enjoyed by all ages. I have one of the largest Thomas The Tank collections in the world. I also look over anything of interest in an educational way, spiders, consumer affairs, product tear-downs but I'm not a vlogger. Because of YouTube Terms Of Service (TOS) and strict Advertiser Friendly rules & stupid YouTube 'KIDS' flagging and pulldowns I can't make the style of videos I would love to upload. Sadly YouTube has become a very soft G rated site. Leokimvideo was the home of Rubber Chicken Unboxing, Mr Hammer, Dark Side, Mad Bomber and Big Spider Loves Daddy videos. I don't ask or beg my viewers to subscribe because I know how annoying this is. I know my videos annoy many viewers and especially Google & YouTube, I'm sorry. YouTube have done their best over the last 6 years to kill me off and yep they succeeded.

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