Woolworths Hornsby Cheating Customers Despicable Behaviour BUSTED 😡😡😡

Published 2024-04-11
At Woolworths it's shareholder first, Customer second. A full peg of Gillette Mach3 Razor Blades with a price ticket of $21 yet scans for $28. Checkout staff wouldn't accept the photo I took of the stock at $21, suggested it was stock moved from another peg. I argued at the checkout for 5 minutes. During this time Woolworths staff remove all the product that was on the wrong peg. The front service manager then tells me it's Woolworths policy that the higher price has to be paid and if a price ticket is set in the wrong area it means nothing. To see that staff had removed the stock just added to the service managers multiple lies. I was given a total stone wall of verbal that I was in the wrong and the Gillette Mach3 Razor blades are only for sale at $28.

I informed both the checkout staff and the front service manager I had photos of the Gillette Mach3 Razor Blades full on the peg with a $21 price tag and yes they both saw the photo. I also said my story will be going online and it's not going to be pretty for Woolworths.

The core reason for this video is to explain the timeline of events where a simple stock placement mistake that would have only cost the store a few dollars ends up being a very despicable act to hide the mistake and then enforce that I (the customer) is in the wrong. If I was wrong why was the sock on the pegs removed and hidden so swiftly in a sneaky and deplorable way. As a customer I was devastated by the way I was treated in store and I pray the staff involved in this style of behaviour are retrained or shown the door. Everything that happened to me totally flied in the face of the simple policy that is set up to protect consumers from misleading ticketing in retail.

Under Woolworths' price-scan policy, if an item scans at a higher price than the ticketed price in store, customers can receive that item free.

So why was I treated like dirt at Woolworths Hornsby and told by only option was to pay the FULL PRICE ??

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  • @BronsonTheCat
    They don’t give two rats arse! They only want your money!
  • @cyancabbage5121
    As a Woolworths employee the process that my store usually would do is that checkouts would check with the department that is involved in stocking that area what the price is. Usually the price that is shown on the shelf is the price we would give the customer so in your case you should have gotten the cheaper price or gotten it for free even though that was the wrong ticket. Usually, after we have a problem like that we have to go and fix it which usually means taking all the items off the shelf and putting it into the correct place or removing sales tickets etc.
  • i work at woolies, and there are dates and codes that match the bar codes on that ticket, however in saying this is a team member has put it on the shelf in the wrong spot we do honor the price provided the name is there and was an easy confusion (as sometime customers will leave shit willy nilly, but in this case not that). Shame they didn't match it via a price discrepancy.
  • @n.rcashofficial
    This happens all the time at shops here in Australia. All the staff are so toxic, cranky and just annoying. This happens so much that it's not even funny. It's really sad.
  • Yeah I'm not surprised. Woolworths along with Coles are at the centre of an inquiry/investigation in regards to them being accused of price-gouging and treating their staff poorly, as well as Mistreating suppliers. they're engaging in pretty dodgy behaviour and are exploiting consumers. plenty of evidence to suggest they're engaging in it but they just shrug their shoulders and say "oh, it's just the cost of doing business" yeah right, maybe they need to stop cutting corners and treat their stakeholders fairly. the power the two supermarkets have is terrifying and because they have so much power, they'll buy up land to set up shop so no one else can compete against them.
  • @tomw2003
    It looks like a setup, they faked the price on purpose to get sales, and they think shoppers are in too much of a hurry to catch the fraud at checkout! Dirty! The fact the employees were crappy just reinforces their malicious behavior!
  • @timb8970
    Did you actually read the tag? The sale is for Schick not Gillette!
  • @lynx-eyed9426
    As a former 2ic in bws (woolies liquor) ticketing is a nightmare as specials change regularly. It clearly looks like some staff (probably a nightfiller) can't read and has loaded up the rung next to it with the same item. The ticket does specify a different brand not Gillette so the management can argue that... but realistically something so small as a $5 difference they should just let you have it. Especially if you are getting upset about it. I would always give it to the customer if it was within a reasonable price difference. Its not worth escalating and having a pissed off customer. Management SHOULD know this but woolies is toxic as a whole, all they are trained to see is $$$ not people. Customer service is a headache and I am glad I'm out of that. What they should have done is honor the price and give you the item, then have a team member run and pull the ticket down/remove the wrong items. Anyway, thought I'd weigh in Leo, love your vids
  • such a crying shame and disgraceful tactic, not to mention dishonest. Its exactly this kind of customer service that tempts me too much to start writing down names in a small black book, but let's not go there (to a great short film that is).
  • @timb8970
    How is it their fault if someone switches stickers? If someone took a $1 ticket and places it in front of a $50 item how is it fair to them? You can go around placing fake stickers everywhere in the store. Plus the sticker is for a totally different brand! You’re upset over $5 you don’t deserve.
  • @CaptianGhosty
    Once Cheated GameStop out of $40 because r6 extraction was $20 on sticker and they charged me $60 Forgot to add how nice they were, very understanding
  • Many years ago one of the NZ Countdowns (now Woolworths) did something similar to us. I don't remember the product, but when we went to look at the pegs with the manager the special price sticker had gone, even though it was there when we picked up the item. It didn't help that the manager was rude about it, treating it like her time wasn't worth our nonsense. This was a long time ago, so hopefully she's not still the manager there.
  • i had a similar thing happen at a big W in Sydney a few years back, i was out with my grandparents for a birthday trip and we were going to buy some marvel movies, when we get there, there's a sign that says "marvel movies 2 for $20", so we grab 2 DVDs and go to pay, but when we get to the checkout, there twice the price. my grandfather calls over a lady and tells her about this and she says "store policy" so he gives me his phone to take a photo of the price. i do that and bring him back the photo which he shows to the lady and she calls the store manager. the store manager and my grandfather are back and forth with each other for a while and eventually my grandfather takes me and her to the stand of DVDs but when we get there, the signs gone. my grandfather is now pissed and the store manager is threatening to kick us out of the store, but then the photo i took came in clutch, he showed it to her and then she gave in and gave us the DVDs for the price they were advertised
  • That’s a rather dangerous game Woolworths are playing with how online shopping is by now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them wiped out in not much time. They can’t afford to give up discounts that online retailers probably also have.
  • @UpstyleDown
    I used to work for Woolies. I love any video exposing them. I also take advantage of the store policy every cent they are weong with prices etc. I understand your frustration here, but instantly I can see its priced for a Schick product, but incorrectly filled with a Gillette product. It's human error over the typical Woolworth pricing error etc. I had this argument with the customer service manager frequently when I was night fill manager over dealing with customer refunds etc etc. I feel the best outcome they should of at least offered you here Leo, is at least a price match to that special of $21.... Any decent employee wouldn't have given two hoots about the $8 difference and matched it instantly or at least given it to you for free. Woolworths in this day and age. This is how they treat customers, imagine the employee in this day and age haha.
  • @Scooterbeerrun
    As others have said, it's not the same product. This kind of mislabeling is common in the US and I don't think it's ever gone past mild annoyance when you walk up to the counter and find out and have to make a decision to hand it in or pay what they ask. It sounds like how they treated you was wrong judging by your comments about things they insinuated but the commitment on the customer's part is so low for this scenario that I don't understand how that supermarket code or the Australian consumer law ever came to apply to this and I wouldn't have asked for the tag price to honor the mispegged product in the first place. So it's their fault for the stocking error and their behavior towards customers but it's also your mistake for reading the tag and trying to haggle them out of goods for a simple error from the staff that any literate person should be able to see why the $21 price is not valid.
  • @Sickminecraft45
    I'm so sorry for what happened to you Leo! This has to be the most despicable and rude behaviour that one could experience in a store. If this happened to me, I'd be a lot angrier than you. I hope Woolworths corporate sees this video and apologises to you.