Why Did The Snake Cross The Road 🥴

Published 2023-11-10

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  • @Razer_-fe9mo
    Definitely didn’t expect to see someone help a snake across a road today!
  • @Willven-pz3tz
    Why did Leo cross the road? To help the snake of course
  • @heleninglis9961
    Snakes love to sun themselves on the road, it helps them get their temperature up quickly. Looks like a diamond python, nasty bite but not venomous. What a beauty ❤
  • @----.__
    I've rescued tonnes of snakes over the years. Spent a while at Tindal and there are adhesive foot pads entering the oxy workshop where a Taipan had wandered and gotten stuck. I managed to unstick the snake and take it home to rehabilitate, and released it a few weeks later far away from base. My favourite rescue was a little Stimson's Desert python (named Sox), grew to about half the size of the one in this video; about 1m. It had also wandered on to base and must have gotten near the aircraft chemicals and was really, really sick. Nursed the little fella back to health and I tried to release him but he kept slithering back to me and on to my shoe! I ended up keeping him for over 20 years, hard to believe snakes can live that long. My partner's best friend worked for CALM at the time, and she saw my Stimson and didn't bat an eyelid despite I didn't have a license. Enclosures need to be half as big as the snake is long, but I had Sox in a custom made 3m tank complete with waterfalls, warm and cold areas, UV lamps and infrared heat lamps. It was like a miniature tropical wonderland. Snakes are amazing creatures and very misunderstood, they aren't pets like dogs and cats, the time you share with them is special and relies entirely on mutual respect. Thanks for this upload Leo, hit close to home, was great to see. Peace from WA.
  • Well I never expected you to go snake charming, but that was a beauty! Too bad there aren’t many friendly snakes in Virginia, or the US in general. My father had a pet ball python, but it’s mostly just tons of cars and dogs here, and tons of friendly and non friendly jumping spiders too! I hope your family is better. Thanks for all these great videos!
  • @heleninglis9961
    Thank you Leo, a lot of people say that the only good snake is a dead snake. Good to know that there's still good people in this world ❤
  • @Bus293Fan
    In America the most common snakes around my area are black ones, and they are actually rat snakes because they eat rats and other small creatures so they’re the best ones to have, in the US at least
  • @ThatGuy38757
    Uhhh, because yes...? Also, RIP Teddy, you will be missed, man. Fly high 🕊️
  • @whiffyoficial
    What a nice find, really Nice snake, it looks very large and has a beautiful pattern. Another reason to go to Australia to see Nice snakes and Deadly Spiders. It will be a Dream for me go to Australia.
  • @WacKEDmaN
    beautiful diamond python...they are the snakes you want around for rodents!
  • @goldenart1215
    What happened. I just rediscovered this channel after a few years and was expecting a ton of knockoff videos and stuff. What happened?
  • Wow! That’s a big snake! Good thing you showed up or that snake could of ended up under someone tire and became some road kill! Has anyone reachout to yet on the species type? I know that Australia has some of the most poisonous when it comes to those critters😬Anyhow we love ya Leo and we thank you for your good deed😁👏🏻