Vince Gill's Toby Keith Tribute Is STUNNING!

Published 2024-04-03
Vince Gill's Toby Keith Tribute was perfect. Watch as Vince sings a song for Toby during a recent concert.

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Blake Shelton hosted an Oklahoma version of the All for the Hall Concert to benefit the Country Music Hall of Fame. Toby Keith wanted to be there!

0:00 Toby Keith wanted to be there!
1:00 Blake Shelton's Oklahoma All for the Hall concert
1:15 Vince Gill sings for Toby Keith
2:40 Keith Urban gets honest about Toby Keith
3:22 Blake Shelton's surprise

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  • Imagine writing such a personal song and then being asked to perform it over and over at your friends’ funerals for the rest of your life. Vince is a prince.
  • @Tkgirl
    Vince gave me the chills with this song 😢and thinking of Toby 😢😢
  • RIP Toby Keith!!! ❤❤❤❤❤Your Music will be remembered forever!!!!
  • @lynnep6088
    Vince Gill class act! Miss you Toby Keith! ❤
  • Love Vince Gill and Toby Keith and Blake Shelton!! 😍 RIP TOBY KEITH YOU ARE MISSED AND LOVED FOREVER ❤️
  • @markkimball1569
    So many of these guys n girls are top notch ! Vince’s song is ❤ felt for sure ! Wow. It just says a lot !
  • @lindalees4887
    Played it at my husband’s funeral, it made me cry so hard. What a beautiful song
  • @user-my7ic8xv3t
    They played this at my father’s funeral. Such a great song & tribute to many.
  • Thank you Vince, I have so many people in my mind I can dedicate that song to and have, including these wonderful people.
  • @candiceroyce685
    I seen Toby Keith @ Little Nashville, Indiana Opry in the 80's. Bought a tin plate that says "GET CHA SOME". I still have it in 100%.good.Loved all of Toby's songs.😅😅🎉😂❤😢
  • God Bless each and everyone of you and forever Bless Toby Keith's family and friends. Missing him