She Asks if I Know Tennessee Whiskey and This Singer Steals The Show

Published 2023-07-19

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All Comments (21)
  • @docgillygun9531
    When two people who don't know one another get together and improvise an absolute masterpiece on the spot that's very special in my opinion. Those two, as well as those who were blessed to be there that night were given a once in a lifetime show. There is so much hidden beautiful humanity in the world and it is heartwarming to see that open up here.
  • @alyshaedwards2078
    That girl needs to get a record label asap!!! This is a voice you don't hear anymore and it's time to bring it back!!!!!!!!
  • @wordragon
    Dovydas letting the singer steal the show is a master stroke of humility that shows his talent and genius as being the only person/band to back them up, providing the platform they need to succeed and thus succeeding himself.
  • @Casewood123
    The way she doesn’t hurry and just lets the song move along is pure ear candy.
  • @chriskelly6559
    Dovy has no know why?....He's so good enough to not need one. He spotlights every singer/player that joins him. Love ya Dovy!
  • @kelly3518
    My bro needs to just blow up and become a major star. His music I.Q. is off the charts. I wonder how many viewers understand the depth of his talent...
  • I waited to comment on the video until it was over. She is beautiful and original. Her voice is truly a blues melody to my ears and amazing to listen to. Bravo!!
  • @Countryboy.1
    Dovydas, there's nothing you can't do and this young lady's vocals are amazing. Perfectly done!
  • One of the BEST performances I have ever heard! Where is Simon? He needs to hear this girl. She is already a STAR.
  • @denniswood6828
    So soothing I listen to it over and over while taking my cancer treatments
  • @Richard-db4rk
    Damn, I had no choice but to go put some socks on, so you could knock them off me! What a beautiful voice!
  • @peggylocke1016
    Dovydas is the master on the fly when it comes to improvisation but he truly shines his talent when he plays so spot on Angelic as this. Beautiful job .
  • @danant62
    I'm blown away, now that is talent. They both have rythmn and soul.
  • Danced with my dad to this at my wedding. Many great memories. Love this. Good job you two!
  • @davus4242
    She is, "as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey", simply fantastic; well done you two!
  • @simonbooker
    The talent in Nashville is ludicrous - went there for the 1st time in 2023 and ended up just going from bar to bar with my jaw on the floor at the sheer quality and brilliance of all the performers and the great rock & roll they were cranking out !!😳🎸
  • @ask_sigma6
    She is fantastic and beautiful to boot... what a brilliant improvisation of Tennessee Whiskey... bravo girl... bravo!