Toby Keith’s Final Interview Proves He Was Fearless To the End

Published 2024-02-08
Toby Keith’s final interview with Taste of Country proved he had no fear as the old man came knocking.


Toby Keith talked to Taste of Country Nights Evan Paul in late November 2023, just before his final three concerts in Las Vegas.

0:00 Was Toby Keith afraid?
1:05 Toby Keith responds to “Don’t Let the Old Man In” performance
5:00 I’m feeling good and off chemo
5:45 Krystal Keith update
8:01 Toby Keith had plans for 2024
11:25 Only one award really mattered

This Toby Keith interview is his last with Taste of Country. Parts have been shared previously, but now you can watch in its entirety.

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All Comments (21)
  • @Kolleen93
    That was a very emotional interview. Thank you Tobey for a wonderful ride in life. You made it a better world for me. And others. God bless your sweet soul 💞
  • @dorothyhale9858
    He fought to the very end as both my brothers did, Cancer is a horrible disease, I am a colon cancer survivor. Rest in Peace Toby, we all love you my dear friend ❤️❤️
  • @carolmartin6719
    R I.P Toby you'll always be loved & missed Thanks for all the music & memories you gave us. Prayers for his family & friends 🙏
  • @ninarabideau7003
    He was a true country legend & so brave right till the end. RIP Toby & prayers to his family.
  • @JCourts2k23
    Still so hard to believe, RIP Toby 🇺🇸
  • Toby you beat cancer! Cancer can no longer live! We will miss you and your music! Thank you giving all of us some amazing music throughout the years!
  • @chadhudson8531
    He deserves the hall of fame!!! I’m telling you that’s a dying legend right there!!! There are very very left line him anymore!!! His story touched my heart so much I cried when I found out because I watched all his interviews and I see how hard he worked and how much he sacrificed to get where he’s at !!! He earned what he had none handed shit to him!!
  • @rw0050
    If you believe in Forever, then Life is just a One Night Stand If there's Music in Heaven you know they must have one heck of a Band Rest In Peace Toby Job Well Done, Sir
  • @ashleygaerke3371
    RIP Toby. A great man of faith, supporter of our troops, American 🇺🇸 Patriot, husband, father and friend to many. My heart breaks 😢💔 I can’t believe he is gone. Sending prayers for his family and friends. Heaven is parting now!!! You will be missed Toby, but never forgotten. I had a long car ride yesterday and rocked out to all the hits. 🙏🏻
  • @user-fk2is1bf3e
    You need to react to him singing don’t let the old Man in at the peoples choice awards live. It is so heartbreaking when you see his wife crying it’s one of the most emotional performance. I’ve ever seen.
  • @Yetr
    This interview was so touching and emotional. Toby Keith will always be remembered for his incredible talent and impact on country music. May his soul rest in peace.
  • He was a fighter to the end . He was not afraid of anything he kept going because he had already made peace with himself to accept what ever was to happen ! He fought a courageous fight! . May he RIP and he will dearly be missed . He touched so many lives and helped so many children . He done a lot to stand up for our country he was just an amazing man ! Rat in the arms of Jesus and be in peace ! Gone but not forgotten ! ❤✝️🕊️🕊️🙏🙏😢
  • @Leah-mr5vd
    This was emotional to watch… I just lost my grandpa Oct 18th to cancer. He was diagnosed in Aug and died in October. Hearing Toby talk about being at peace and not being scared, hits hard bc my grandpa was until the last 2 days 😭😭 he was only scared to die alone.. he passed with my grandma by his side, she fell asleep for the first time in 48 hrs for 15 minutes and he passed in that time.. it was my grandpa and grandma how raised me on country, I was in love with Toby as a child and loved his music even more as an adult when I actually under what the songs were about! Rip big cowboy!!
  • It sure did hit everybody What a song and great timing . Im the same age dealing stage 4 cancer . Toby will be missed he sure told it as it is . Toast each sundown with wine 🍷
  • @southerngal7582
    R.l.P Toby Keith 😢. We lost a great country music singer and a great Patriot man you will be missed but not forgotten. Sending love and prayers from your fan. Love you always we will meet again 💞.
  • @floydreiske7799
    We all will cross that bridge... love and faith helps you face it ...the best thing I can think to say is it isn't the quantity of years we get, but the quality we put into them...he lived an incredible life and in turn touched so many others...
  • @happygirl2578
    ❤ My heart still hurts Love his guy .. I met him many moons ago at a meet & greet for his CD Unleased at a location Orange County,CA we could only have 1 item signed but my 18yr old Sister had her cowboy hat on she wanted signed but he had already signed her CD so we started to walk away & he said "What about you hat?" She said I'd love it but we were told 1 item. Toby said "No way come back here" He signed her hat anextra CD..... And every concert there after had a more special meaning❤ Thank you for sharing this interview... An amazing Person, Singer & an all around Amazing Human being ❤❤
  • @grandbones1117
    Thank the Family for sharing Toby with his music and his life with all of his fans . He will be missed . Prays for the Family Go's Bless
  • @AtlantisIndigo
    I noticed that a lot in Tik Tok - a lot of men cried. What a man you are Toby Keith!!! You're a legend, and a hero!
  • RIP forever Toby Keith. You had so much heart for your fellow Americans. Your music and songs will live on and on. You were the best in your field. A wonderful family man and friend to all.