Toby Keith surprises wife with her returning soldier husband

Published 2012-09-19

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  • @leonegatt4889
    And that lady’s and gentleman is what I call a beautiful Man
  • @badjune1
    Toby Keith you are one class act sir.... My husband saw you in Afghanistan Bagram in May 2012, he got to call me while you were playing. Thank You for all you do to support our troops and their families....
  • @AmericanChick93
    i bet she will never forget that night.. a moment with Toby and got to see her husband.. im PROUD to be and AMERICAN!! and this is why!!
  • @brenthumm
    I served with Mr. Cruz on the USS Pennsylvania gold crew. Great guy.
  • @pretoshohmoofc
    Canada has the best cousins in the world. Our friends in the south. God Bless America.
  • @hammbone205
    SO... She was a regular at the bar I worked at years ago. She was a sweet person.
  • I'll admit- I cried. I'm a 18 year old male. My brother just got home from Afghanistan. Toby Keith is so supportive of our troops. God Bless Toby, God Bless our Troops, and God Bless America!
  • @bigwillvtwin70
    Toby your a class act brother!!!!! Never apologize for being patriotic Amen!!!!
  • Toby Keith is the greatest. He has an absolute love and dedication to everyone who has ever put on the uniform. He loves our country and has a message for all of us, 'country or not.' those dislikes must've come from some soulless trolls that don't understand.... all love is Love.
  • @BradCountrygirl1
    Say what you want about Toby, but he is never apologetic about our country. What a wonderful surprise for this family!!!
  • Thank you Maj. Cruz.... And EVERY Single soldier/airman-woman/marine/sailor... Your commitment & dedication does NOT go unnoticed!!! Thank you all for your service!
  • @jetpilotii1
    Toby Keith is a class act. He truely cares for the soldiers and America. We need more stars to stand up for our country like Keith does
  • @AnthonyD1986
    Agree or disagree with the wars. This is true patriotism at it's finest. God Bless America and the rest of the world.
  • @nsbcuda83
    As a veteran, I know celebrities like Toby are deeply appreciated!! This video just goes to show he is no fake. He has shown support for the Armed Forces & their families, plus he backs it up every chance he gets!! Keep cranking out the music Toby & you said it very well. "NEVER apologize for being patriotic!! FUCK'EM!!!"
  • @Dickowski
    Toby Kieth 2016 This man is a true American; nothing but respect for this man.
  • @zignar22
    I love how he gently slip out of the picture and let it all be about them.
  • @bigsparky65
    Toby Keith is awesome, he's for our troops 100%. Everyone should be like him