Toby Keith Talked Cancer Battle & His FAITH in Final 'Extra' Interview

Published 2024-02-06
Country icon Toby Keith passed away peacefully at 62 after a three-year battle with stomach cancer. “Extra” remembers Toby and looks back at our final interview with him last September at the People’s Choice Country Awards.

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  • @charlenelee8303
    So sad 😢 ... so young, but he left a huge mark in the lives of many, and was a tremendous influence in country music. His music reminded us to live, love and be happy! He will be missed. RIP Toby 🙏❤💐
  • Red solo cup happy song he was a true patriot and he never wanted to show how much pain or suffering he was going through he will be missed so much and his songs will live on God bless you and your family really a good person hard to see Him go love you big guy always and forever ❤❤❤😢😢😢😢😢
  • God bless you big guy you will be missed always will remember you ❤❤❤😢😢😢😢😢and your songs
  • Omg this is so sad! He was so brave, a true patriot. He'll be dearly missed. May he RIP
  • Rest in peace Toby Keith I'm so glad I got the honor to have seen you in Bagram, Afghanistan in 2005-2006 with the 391st Eng Battalion also in Ramadi, Iraq with the 478th Eng batt 2007-2008. You are and always will be very much loved by all who have served. Your love for us and ours for you will last forever and will never be forgotten BROTHER!
  • Life without Toby keith will never be the same and he will always never be forgotten
  • @user-uj3qq9kk8m
    Never meant know his music and songs . Toby Keith but envious of the ones who did and call him a friend. Thoughts and prayers for his family ❤😢
  • @alan30189
    Rest in peace, Toby. I loved his music, even though I’m not a huge country music fan. Know this though, folks. People who live in countries where they don’t have horrible food choices, like we have in the US, and eat more natural foods, rarely have cases of cancer. It’s mainly about your lifestyle. Secondly, like Toby, my mother also died of stomach cancer, and when she was in hospice, a doctor told me that the US is second in the world in cases of stomach cancer. They think it’s because of all the red meat we eat. Guess who’s number one? Japan, but they think it’s because of all the sushi (raw fish) they eat. Not good. Third, the three leading things that substantially increase your chances of getting cancer, are smoking (and smoke-free tobacco products and second-hand smoke), being overweight or obese, and excessive alcohol consumption. The choice is yours..