Toby Keith - I Love This Bar

Published 2009-06-16

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  • Life can sometimes feel beyond unfair. He opened a foundation for children fighting cancer in 2006. Provided a cost free home for them and their families while in treatment. And then he passes from cancer less than two decades later? So sad. Rest in Peace, Toby and thank you for the great music and all you did for the kids. I am sure there is a special place in Heaven for you.
  • @jackspry9736
    RIP Toby Keith (July 8, 1961 – February 5, 2024), aged 62 You will be remembered as a legend. Tonight I will drink a couple of beers in a Red Solo Cup to honour his memory.
  • "And the Veteran's talk about their battle scars....." Yes we do. RIP Cowboy.
  • @crptnite
    The bartenders used to play this every night after we closed. Always time to relax when Toby was on the radio. Rest in Peace, friend 💜🙏🏽🕊️
  • @elilyn235
    We’re all broken hearted fools tonight. RIP Toby Keith, one of the best.
  • @nikitanicole234
    Just heard the news of Toby Keith this morning and immediately came to listen to some of his music in memory. May God rest his soul and his memory be eternal.
  • My entire military career I heard his music. Saw him a few times as well on base. Thank you for your service!
  • @user-fp5yg7ps1w
    Im an Aussie but Toby has always been my favourite Country artist. His patriotism and support of the US military will hopefully be a legacy that lives on.
  • @Cruz1to97
    Not Toby man😭😔 carried me through some dark times in my life… red solo cup with a drink in honor of you legend rest easy
  • @briang5255
    Rest now in the arms of the lord Toby. Thank you for helping me and countless others through hard times with your music 🙏
  • @fredajohnson3963
    He not only loved music, he supported our Veterans, his dad was and he flew the American flag every day. TOBY helped children with cancer and their families who woyld need a place to stay and with no charge. He had other various organizations he either started or gave to. He had a clothing line, loved to fish so he started a Fishing Lure Company called.Luck E Strike...he had a Bar & Grill, he loved his vintage cars which he kept on his 160 acre Ranch in Oklahoma . He began his career as the fans heard his 1st hit song..I Should Have Been A Cowboy..1993...he has 3 children ...and he loved his family. So Here's To You TOBY....I love you as a great person and a musical genius that you always put a smile on my will be so missed by so many.....see you again my friend...God Bless....
  • @IllIIllllIlIlIll
    Serbian immigrant here. I moved to America and fell in love with country music because of this song. I always thought Toby Keith was the coolest guy. News of his passing shocked and saddened me.
  • @windymoth9891
    Hey Dad, make sure you get a beer with this man! I miss you, dad. R.I.P to both my Dad and Toby Keith
  • RIP Toby, your sense of humor and smooth voice are still making us smile.
  • @guitarman3968
    Bars like this don’t exist in Canada anymore. At least where I live. Times change as we step aside for “progress”. Goodbye bars. Goodbye Toby Keith. Rest In Peace. Job well done, sir.
  • @dewiiesquire3053
    Rest in Peace, played this at my mom's funeral, she owned and ran a bar for 48 years
  • @duaney4948
    First song I decided to go to after hearing the news. Such a legend the world lost today ! Rest in Peace Toby ! Cheers 🍻 to all !
  • @jameskennedy1120
    I’m 56 and my son is 26. We enjoyed Toby together as he was growing up. Easy to relate to at any age. Really sentimental about his passing because of this
  • @DavidSilva-fq7nt
    Toby Keith. What a man and entertainer. Who else could make a song about a cup. A Red Solo Cup. RIP.🙏