What You Don't Know About Toby Keith's Wife

Published 2024-02-06
On February 5, 62-year-old Toby Keith died as a tragic result of stomach cancer. The hard-edged, no-nonsense singer was hugely popular, and his string of hits, which included "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," "Beer for My Horses," and "As Good As I Once Was," won over country fans everywhere as a songwriter and performer. Here’s what you might not know about his wife Tricia Lucus and the family he left behind.

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  • @dianeg1294
  • @user-dt8vy2kk5z
    R.I.P Toby greatest country music singer ever...I lost my husband David at age 52 to cancer it doesn't get easier..sending thoughts and prayers to the family 🙏
  • @genieduso7438
    Words can’t express the great loss of this Music icon! RIP Toby! You are loved!
  • @user-ry5sx6jp6g
    I want to say sorry for his dear wife. I for one hate the saying it gets easier with time. Just know after I lost my husband that saying does help. Although the period of time differs for each of us. He was a great singer.
  • @Darci3333
    A world without Toby Keith in it is unfathomable 😢😢 May God Bless and keep his precious family and comfort them❤
  • @paulwhite5840
    Rest in peace sir. You were one of a kind, a true patriot.
  • This man was a hero of mine and I was so sad to know of his passing. RIP Toby! and thank you for your fantistic music . .
  • @donnawinters8107
    Keith was and always will be my favorite artist in the country music world. What an insperation he has been, such a positive and loving person. I loved his great sense of humor also. He will always be greatly missed.
  • @Ron-bo6tb
    I was lucky enough to see him live when he came to Georgia. He has touched the lives of so many people. I'm 81 and now I get up every morning and say Don't let the old man in, RIP Toby Keith. Thank God he had a great woman like Tricia in his life. Condolences to her and the rest of his family and loved ones. 🙏
  • @cathyparker2008
    I am a widow almost coming up five years and my late husband was a fan of your husband Toby Keith . Love never dies and time does not exist with a broken heart but through Christ Jesus he is close to the broken hearted and to his widows. This is not over you and all of us widows who's husband went to heaven we as believers in Christ Jesus will be reunited with our husbands again. My prayers go out to you. I greatly understand you will dearly miss him as we also will but, thank the Lord this is not forever and soon we will be with our loved ones who have gone before us. ❤. Blessing to you and your family I pray for peace and know your husband is with you in Spirit and his love forever lives in your heart. He was a great country artist ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • @MegaAlexis92
    America has lost a true American patriot. He truly supported our soldiers. He will be missed by so many fans.
  • @garyszabados2545
    On behalf of all your devoted Australian fans,many thanks for all the fabulous songs and precious memories ,life will never be the same! Prayers and sincerest condolences to your family, God has you in his keeping ,may you rest in peace free from suffering!
  • @dollydawn007
    I love Toby’s songs..I payed for my daughters to see him in concert twice, oh I wish I could have seen at least once… rip Toby 🙏🏻❤️
  • @melisawebb8847
    I loved Toby ‘s music and his fearless nature. So heart breaking for his family. His legacy will be greatly remembered ❤❤❤
  • @brigidconroy2111
    Dang live in Vegas It’s no comfort now BUT he delivered a fabulous performance and went out on top doing one of the things he loved His songs were about the Everyman or woman Loved loved his songs
  • @tonyashroyer593
    Thank you Tricia for sharing your love with all of us. He was larger than life and I'm sure your emptiness will echo for a long time. I wish I could take this pain. I lost my love almost 4 yrs ago and I still miss him so much. I learned to smile again without him and it helps knowing I will see him again.. I'm praying for you Tricia and again I'm so sorry for your loss..