The Untold Truth Of Toby Keith

Published 2024-02-06
Country superstar Toby Keith died of stomach cancer on February 5, 2024. In his 62 years of life, he made a major cultural impact, not just on country music but on the world at large.

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Grandmother's club inspired him | 0:00
He was an oil man | 1:13
Embarrassment inspired first single | 2:13
Bought out of a contract | 3:05
Huge hit in 20 minutes | 4:00
Extensive business empire | 5:03
Nuanced politics | 6:10
Feud with The Chicks singer | 7:13
Was friends with Stephen Colbert | 8:09
Support for cancer organizations | 9:14

Voiceover by: Tim Bensch

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  • He lived a couple of miles from us until we moved. It was normal to run into him and he was always just a super nice human. What a gift he was to our world.
  • @user-yf4lo2lz5w
    I'm Mexicana but I love country music and I like Toby Keith's music he did a great job helping on his foundation for children with cancer God kept hem in his kingdom
  • @sdp2010ksu
    It’s such a cruel world that someone who did and gave so much to others with this horrible disease fell to it himself. I’ll forever be a life long fan.
  • @NoahKilborn500
    Rest in peace legend you will always be a hero and a rockstar ❤❤❤
  • He got me through many long drives! I remember the early 90's first hearing him when I was young. I grew up with Toby Keith. He was great!
  • @CrossOfBayonne
    Rest easy Toby, You were a symbol of this country to the world
  • @user-eh9sn5sq5w
    Thank you Toby for introducing me to country music! I never cared for that genre until I heard Toby last fall, now i’m a fan! Blessings on Toby and his family. ♥️
  • @NecrOphelia747
    RIP Toby Keith. He said what he said and stood by it! What a guy! A fighter. Thanks for memories, Mr. Toby. ❤
  • @markmillward9733
    Loved hearing that powerful voice getting me through another day at work. Toby leaves me with good memories and sadness that he's gone. From a Canadian 🇨🇦 RIP
  • @happyday3338
    Rest in Peace and Fly High, Toby Keith!! My sympathies and prayers go out to your family!!! You are gone but you will definitely not be forgotten, Toby, you live in the hearts of all your fans and more for all the support you showed to the military and their families….💔💔😢😢🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Toby was a good & righteous man, no doubt he's in heaven ❤️🙏🦋
  • @user-nm5rs8tv7m
    A great and talented man. He is in a wonderful place now. We will miss him. But the concert is just starting in heaven. I pray for his wife and children. God bless them all. Love you Toby
  • @jamesdelaney3797
    I'm not a country music fan but I always like this guy. The world lost a good man
  • So sorry to hear. Very sad news. Heartbreaking. Peace and Love for him & all who loved & cared about Toby Keith and all that was important to him. May his memory, music, and Love for Family & Country live on Always. 🙏
  • @user-kg9zi4zh3g
    ❤ U brought such love of country music to me not just as s huge fan but U such a dear "Gift" and so dearly missed. Sing on in Heaven!! ❤
  • @Wilders53
    Wasn't much of a country music fan but I don't mind just a handful of them and Toby was one of them. I had to pull my car over to collect myself when I heard of his passing. Rip you American badass