Toby Keith - How Do You Like Me Now?!

Published 2009-06-16

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  • @Danimal1177
    This may sound corny, but an orange stray kitten was hanging around my house last Friday. He has an injured paw and it was sprinkling, so I let him inside and gave him a can of tuna that he devoured as though he hadn't eaten in days. He became immediately affectionate and insisted on sleeping on my stomach every night. By Monday I decided to keep him but hadn't given him a name yet. The next day I learned of Toby Keith's death, and it just hit me to call him Toby. He'll always be a reminder of one of the greatest singers and patriots of all time.
  • @davidcalvin4758
    With America in a decline , it is much harder to deal with this kind of loss.. A true American . I pray to God that he will enjoy Kieth in Heaven . I will miss him
  • @PhilipMarcYT
    Aw, just saw the sad news 😢. RIP, Cowboy. We'll never forget you.
  • @jusnuts1443
    We lost a true patriot. I served in Desert Storm, but I will always remember Mr. Keith. Godspeed. You were an inspiration!
  • @gotesy
    Man, I miss Toby Keith. Such a legend.
  • @MVequalsPY
    This song takes on a whole new meaning after his passing. RIP Toby - now that you're on your way.
  • @DarkArmedDuelist
    This dudes voice is my whole childhood in the car, I miss those days and I'm gonna miss his singing. RIP Toby.
  • @Robert-hc6wm
    Grew up listening to Toby with my father who is an Iraq veteran. I'm 27 now, and I'll always cherish the memories of listening to Toby's music with my dad. American Soldier always hit me hard especially because it came out around the time my dad was shipped off to serve in Iraq and I was only in 3rd grade. This song was always my favorite and I've known the words to it since the first day I heard it. Thank you Toby. You're music always connects me and my father together even if we don't see eye to eye. R. I. P. to an absolute country legend. I hope you've got the best beer filled red solo cup in heaven.
  • @peteathans3230
    That rasp in his voice will never be duplicated again God bless him and his family rest in peace sir !!! ❤😻🤠
  • @PollyPureBred
    Praying for everyone who loved and will miss Toby.
  • I don’t usually lose much peace over celebrity deaths, but this one hit me hard. He was my favorite modern country artist and a true Patriot. His music spoke to me where most does not.
  • This was always my favorite song of Toby Keith. Rest in Peace Toby Keith
  • @susanwalters7937
    Toby you are one of a kind, and you are sorely missed. A Classic Legend! RIP.
  • RIP Toby Keith. Thanks for making so many people around the world happy with your talents.
  • @mlccc2
    Rest in power Toby Keith. Your music will live on forever in the lives of many.
  • Saw a post on another one of his videos from someone that said now i know how Elvis fans felt when he died.So true
  • @greggaston9241
    Heart breaking 😢! I was praying that he would pull through this dreadful disease. May God guide him through the pearly gates and grant him eternal rest 🙏 😢. Praying for the family.