#Artemis1 Incredible Audio & Slow Motion 4K Compilation

Published 2022-11-19
[[[HEADPHONES ON]]] Crank the volume on this incredible floating point audio from inside the pad and 3.5 miles [5.6 km] away from the most powerful rocket to ever launch from Kennedy Space Center, SLS!!! 4K slow motion captured on ZCam's and BlackMagic 12K Ursa and Studio 4K's.

NASA launched the Orion spacecraft to a distant retrograde lunar orbit atop the Space Launch System (SLS) for its maiden launch known as Artemis 1. Launched from Launch Complex 39B, at the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, the Artemis I mission will certify both Orion and the SLS Block 1 rocket for crewed spaceflight.

Audio and Video brought to you by: NASA, Tim Dodd, Cooper Hime, Andrew Taylor and Ben Stineman from Everyday Astronaut & John Pisani and Andrew Keating from Cosmic Perspective - youtube.com/cosmicperspective

00:00 - Engine Startup [NASA Cam 808]
01:01 - Tight Shot Inside Pad 39B
01:59 - Looking Down Mobile Launch Tower
02:37 - Behind The Scenes Reactions
04:24 - Ursa 12K Tracking at 600mm [Realtime]
05:30 - ZCam E2-F6 Tracking at 800mm [Realtime]
08:34 - ZCam E2-F6 Tracking at 800mm [Slow-Mo]
10:19 - Booster Separation Slow Motion


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All Comments (21)
  • bogdog999
    A lot of people were surprised and awed by the SLS launch. Then I realized there must be a lot of people online today who never watched a live shuttle launch, the last being in 2011. Those solid boosters always put on an impressive show.
  • free spirit 1
    Congratulations on getting a seat on Dear Moon! Tim Dodd, the Actual Astronaut 😁
  • 777Timberwolf
    Clip 3:03 where the rocket taking get to hear the great roaring thunder = Goosebumps.
  • NewsFromSpace
    That SRBs separation shot is truly amazing! Congrats to Tim, Cooper and all the team for the amazing footage!
  • SteverRob
    In my 26th year with NASA. Thanks for the hard work and dedication in putting this together!
  • Pesco
    You and your team have hit your stride of high quality video coverage right at the perfect moment. With upcoming SLS and Starship missions, Everyday Astronaut is going to be the place I watch the next phase of human spaceflight unfold!
  • Hampter
    The sounds of the SRB was phenomenal. Truly grateful to be living in an age where space exploration is coming back
  • Jim Pearson
    It would be awesome to see the result after running the portion 1:35 to 1:55 (or so) through image stabilization processing
  • Elmosweed
    The last shots of the boosters coming down was off the hook cool. 👍👍
  • Dave Earle
    I don't think there is any one word to describe the imagery contained in this video. Just WOW! You guys are amazing for bringing to us this incredible footage of the most powerful rocket ever conceived in the history of American space exploration. My most humble thanks to the entire crew of Everyday Astronaut.
  • vinny142
    Watching the close-ups you really get to see just how fast this huge thing moves once the boosters ignite. From a distance it always looks so slow and gentle.
  • Jake
    Those sparks flying out of the SRBs after stage sep looked almost magical... as if they were floating in pixie dust
  • Tyler McVaney
    Let’s go Tim and crew!!!! This footage will live throughout history.
  • Hisham Mohsen
    We were all waiting for this to drop! You really are making space available for everyone Tim, and for that we thank you!
  • Bryan Doyle
    The crackle from the engines are so intense.
  • Maxiom
    Wow... the shot showing how the boosters illuminated each other in slow motion was incredible!
  • Ben d'Lyte
    Wow, beautiful footage and amazing sound. ❤

    Crazy how the SRB’s are so bright it doesn’t even look like the main engines are lit.
  • Eric Broe
    All the OT, early days, late nights....hearing this take off renewed my passion for this program and I am looking forward to building Artemis II. Thank you so much for this, Tim.
  • Fengzi
    This is some good quality footages we’re talking here. Great job Tim and everyone!
  • ImpHalla
    I believe we both said "So Bright" at the exact same time.
    Thanks to you and your team for bringing us these stunninng shots.