Blastoff! NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket launches on historic first mission

Published 2022-11-15
NASA Space Launch System rocket launched the Artemis 1 mission on Nov. 16, 2022. The rocket lifted off from Launch Complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Full Story:

Credit: NASA

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  • Timeward
    As someone who was born far too late to watch the Saturn V launches myself, I am incredibly excited at the chance of being able to see man step on the moon again. This time to stay on our rocky friend
  • Ignisan
    I was completely unaware that Artemis 1 already launched, completed the mission and returned safely to Earth. WTF Youtube why ain't you recommending videos like these? I don't watch or read regular news channels and sites so Youtube recommendations are pretty much my only souce of news.
  • Robert Nielsen
    I watched this three weeks ago and was reminded of something that one of the commentators said during the launch of an early shuttle mission (I can't remember which one, and edited the comment to reflect this flight):

    "With no waiting at all, the SLS kicks, and GOES! No slow, majestic climb like the old Apollo--Artemis 1 leaped from the pad like a scared cat!"
  • Omni
    Historic. I love the enthusiasm in the announcer's voice during launch! I can watch that over and over again.
  • Johnnie
    I was at NASA last night to watch her fly (my second attempt) and Artemis gave us a spectacular launch. I just couldn't believe how fast it accelerated and how bright the plumes were from the engine nozzles. Artemis was bright as the Sun which made it difficult to see as it got further and further because my eyes couldn't adjust fast enough from having over cooked retinas. The crackling engines just sounded mean and angry -- which just added more sensory overload to my already overloaded senses. It was just that awesome!
  • Dave P
    Even on TV, it sounded so loud, being there in person must have been overwhelming! Congratulations to the Artemis crew. It's an amazing accomplishment.
  • Kenneth Miller
    I remember watching the Apollo launches when I was a kid. This launch watching it brought tears to eyes. I pray Artemis 1 is a complete success. 🇺🇸🚀👍
  • Graeme Appleby
    Being of a generation that remembers the Apollo missions its fabulous to see NASA going back to the moon.
    Congratulations from me over in England...
  • D Stew
    Just imagine what the first Apollo astronauts were thinking and feeling when they first lifted off… absolutely mind blowing..the courage, skill….willingness to possibly die from the unknown.
  • Watching Artemis last night I was shocked by the difference of 50 years. Saturn ignited, lifted slow then gained speed. Artemis LEAPED of the pad like a bat out of hell! I was seriously shocked how fast those SRBs kicked that mule into the air.
  • spectae
    Wow, can’t believe I was not aware of this spectacular launch until now
  • Don Withrow
    Congratulations to all who worked hard on this launch. America really needed this. I have been a NASA follower for decades. Prayers for this Noble Venture! Godspeed!
  • GothGirl4Evr
    I've lived in Titusville for most of my life and have seen countless launches (rockets and shuttles)and they have become so common here that rarely do I even stop what I'm doing to watch them, however this launch was like nothing I've seen here before. It lit up the sky more than any shuttle launch. It was truly spectacular. It really made me remember how awesome they can be. Glad to say that thank God I live a block away from Indian River and didn't have to drive to see it because there were cars parked everywhere I can only imagine how long it took people to get out of the mess of cars after the launch
  • Maderyne
    With all the setbacks, all the delays, it's nice to see such a well-planned launch of Artemis 1. My hope is all goes well in the coming days, and the mission proceeds as planned!
  • Spider Amazon
    The speeds the rocket can achieve is phenomenal: 16,000 miles per hour. What a huge speed. A big respect to the U.S. team who made this miracle happen.
  • MCW
    We rise together, to the moon and beyond.. man this gave me goosebumps
  • GeraldPUR
    Beautiful 😍 traveling at 3400mph....5200mph...7000+ what a ride that must be!