Blastoff! NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket launches on historic first mission

Published 2022-11-15
NASA Space Launch System rocket launched the Artemis 1 mission on Nov. 16, 2022. The rocket lifted off from Launch Complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Full Story:

Credit: NASA

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  • Being of a generation that remembers the Apollo missions its fabulous to see NASA going back to the moon.
    Congratulations from me over in England...
  • @QuidPetoCapio
    Historic. I love the enthusiasm in the announcer's voice during launch! I can watch that over and over again.
  • @johnnie135
    I was at NASA last night to watch her fly (my second attempt) and Artemis gave us a spectacular launch. I just couldn't believe how fast it accelerated and how bright the plumes were from the engine nozzles. Artemis was bright as the Sun which made it difficult to see as it got further and further because my eyes couldn't adjust fast enough from having over cooked retinas. The crackling engines just sounded mean and angry -- which just added more sensory overload to my already overloaded senses. It was just that awesome!
  • Watching Artemis last night I was shocked by the difference of 50 years. Saturn ignited, lifted slow then gained speed. Artemis LEAPED of the pad like a bat out of hell! I was seriously shocked how fast those SRBs kicked that mule into the air.
  • @davef3080
    I used to watch all the launches with my now late father, Tony Flynn. He had his name onboard Artemis via a nasa boarding pass for this launch. Hope you enjoyed the ride, Dad x
  • @Timeward76
    As someone who was born far too late to watch the Saturn V launches myself, I am incredibly excited at the chance of being able to see man step on the moon again. This time to stay on our rocky friend
  • Congratulations to all who worked hard on this launch. America really needed this. I have been a NASA follower for decades. Prayers for this Noble Venture! Godspeed!
  • @lonefather
    Congratulations from Hong Kong for successful launch of Artemis. Watched the Apollo 11 mission via TV in 1969. Well done NASA.
  • @jafranlatheef
    The Result of Hardwork.✌️Greetings from India 🇮🇳🇺🇸. I’m working in ISRO. I’m so Excited to See Her lift off. Before I’m very worry about changed the launch date due to some Technical problem. But today I’m very Happy. Again congrats Artemis team and NASA.You’re did a Great Job.👍
  • @jmshansford3
    I am also a member of the Apollo generation and this has been a very long time coming for me. Watching a Saturn V launch even on TV was a truly amazing experience. 50 years later I watched this launch on a tablet! And absolutely nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced when they lit this lady. I have never seen - or heard - such mind-boggling power. And as for what I felt the moment that rocket left the launchpad? Pure, euphoric joy!
  • I remember watching the Apollo launches when I was a kid. This launch watching it brought tears to eyes. I pray Artemis 1 is a complete success. 🇺🇸🚀👍
  • @dpeterson157
    Even on TV, it sounded so loud, being there in person must have been overwhelming! Congratulations to the Artemis crew. It's an amazing accomplishment.
  • @Ignisan_66
    I was completely unaware that Artemis 1 already launched, completed the mission and returned safely to Earth. WTF Youtube why ain't you recommending videos like these? I don't watch or read regular news channels and sites so Youtube recommendations are pretty much my only souce of news.
  • @knarfweasel
    Had to rewatch after the starship launch. Had to remeber what a real rocket lauch looked like
  • @RobertNielsen1970
    I watched this three weeks ago and was reminded of something that one of the commentators said during the launch of an early shuttle mission (I can't remember which one, and edited the comment to reflect this flight):

    "With no waiting at all, the SLS kicks, and GOES! No slow, majestic climb like the old Apollo--Artemis 1 leaped from the pad like a scared cat!"
  • @boblittle2529
    I am old enough to remember John Glenn's lift off in 1962 and was glued to the TV for every Gemini, Apollo, and shuttle launch. As I watch this video I can't help but hold my breath, remembering the Challenger tragedy.
  • @Wally-pu2hh
    So it went up , then horizontal , then they show us a CGI cartoon still of what looks like a pilot burner 😆
  • @sirsmokes7028
    Watched her fly last night from the Cape. What an absolutely amazing experience. How bright SLS was!! To the Moon!!!