100 IMPOSSIBLE Odds... ONE Lets You Win $1000

Published 2021-09-14
100 Impossible Trick Shots, but only ONE Lets You Win $1,000!
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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

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  • @RickSmithJr
    I love how you guys keep stepping up these videos!!! I’m inspired! Let’s Go!!!
  • @lorennzolictao5019
    Wow! Impressive! 👍👏 I just had a few trickshot ideas you should try. Here are some. - Throw a ping pong ball into an empty water gallon. - Throw a paper towel roll into a paper towel holder. - Flip a straw into a water bottle. - Hit a basketball into a hoop with a golf club. 🏀 - Hit a dart onto a bullseye with a tennis racket. 🎾 🎯 - Hit a basketball into a hoop with a baseball bat WHILE blindfolded! - Hit a cup into another cup with a bat. - Hit a ping pong ball into a toilet paper roll with a golf club. 🧻 - Throw a dart into a side of a card. - Bounce a ping pong ball onto 22 GLASS CUPS into a plastic cup! You should accomplish those challenges! You can DO THIS. ✊️👍
  • 0:20 Level 50 from impossible odds/Level 56 from the best of 2020 0:44 Level 11(?) from best of 2020 1:32 Level 55 from trick shots 1-100/Level 51 from best of 2020 2:16 Level 45 from trickshots 1-100 and Level 49 from best of 2020 2:30 Level 75 from impossible odds 3:13 Level 100 from impossible odds/Level 99 from best of 2020 (but not on the bullseye) 3:28 Level 95 from trickshots 1-100/Level 100 from best of 2020 4:55 Level 64 from impossible odds (in the video it went straight into Colin’s face) 6:27 Level 45 from impossible odds/Level 46 from best of 2020 6:35 Level 60 from impossible odds/Level 66 from best of 2020 7:11 Level 20(?) from trickshots(?) 1-100/Level 24 from best of 2020 7:16 Level 70 from best of 2020 7:27 Level 1 from impossible odds/Level 16 from best of 2020 8:09 Level 97 from best of 2020 11:44 Level 15(?) from impossible odds(?)/Level 17 from best of 2020
  • @SaeeTheCuber
    The robinhood dart at the 5th try was just amazing tommy!
  • Can we just appreciate how much time and editing this video took and it’s still amazing never I’ve up
  • @samstuart6058
    This was the BEST video y’all have ever done! You guys are insane
  • @mccallsmith119
    This is just insane! I can’t even imagine how long this took
  • @chadanian69
    props to maggie for tossing the boomerang for that long for the boomerang dart shot
  • @thelifeofmarek1300
    5:51 have you ever see this? The back of the dart fell off and shouted off to the another house
  • Matthew deserved the win because he was pranked, and as always, you guys have VERY SPECTACULAR content!
  • @jessieliang22
    I love how when Matt made the boomerang shot he put up a first bump and Isabel high fived him