First Try 0.1% TRICK SHOTS

Published 2022-12-21
We each get 1 try to score a trick shot, and whoever scores 5 first wins! We get lots of comments wondering if we score our trick shots first try, so we wanted to give it a shot! That's Amazing is back!!!

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

All Comments (21)
  • @ThatsAmazing
    This isn't the only video we've been working on these past five months 👀
  • @Reddder222
    THE LEGEND IS BACK! Oh wait, they didn't disappear, They work so hard for us that they take so long!
  • @GrannyLampen
    This video should have 1 billion likes because of how much dedication you put into this!
  • Think about this, for every trick shot, they have to drive to the park, set up a cornhole thing, stack lots of cups, or some other long process just for them to do only 1 attempt. I've never seen a vid like this before, it was a great idea. Respect 🔥🔥
  • @IncredibleTS
    Awesome video guys!! Your narration and having the music not match whether or not you made the shot really kept me on my toes 😂😂. Can't wait for your next lvl 1 to 100 video (I have been working on a trickshot vid for like 6 months now lol)
  • 12:13 the way the ball touches the white line without hitting the edge of the table and still returns to the middle is simply impressive!!!
  • @LanceHeaps
    Commitment!! I love how committed you guys are!! Good to see y'all back!!
  • @god_of_candy
    I’m speechless after this video… the things that you guys do amaze me every time. I love all of your videos! ❤️
  • Amazing effort you guys put into this video! Hopefully the best is still yet to come! I can't wait to see what crazy ideas you have for upcoming trickshots in the future!💪🔥