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Published 2019-06-17
You gotta see these School Trick Shots!! Give it a like and share with classmate! (Comments are disabled so please "Like"!) More Videos Here►   • Welcome to That's Amazing!!  
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Which shot is the best? The lunch box throw? Paper into stapler? Marker flip? Tissue toss and catch? Frisbee into backpack? Graduation cap toss? Water bottle flip? Pencil into sharpener?

Whose school keeps attendance by cell phones? If so, impress your friends with a toss like this.

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!