1 in 1,000,000 Baseball Moments..

Published 2023-08-21

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  • @rowewo1049
    bro doesnt include randy johnson demolishing a bird into bits😭 that should be number 1 lol
  • @JustinKliener
    "but enough about glizzys, were moving on to balls" 💀
  • @miked9958
    the pizza throw was great!,RIP Jerry Remy
  • @ConorD443
    Ah yes I prerfectly remember when a baseball got imbedded into shohei ohstnis head
  • @Hawk89gt
    Great collection of plays and video!
  • @imafortnitekid69
    I will never forget seeing Tommy la sorta go ballistic on the phillies mascot
  • @brianhand3559
    I think it's funny that it's a 1 in a million video yet in two of the clips the announcers referenced when those exact things happened before 😂
  • @Pizza_Prodz
    bro really said ''keep your head in the game''😂🤕
  • The praying mantis is a big eyepopper! Not as crazy as that baseball getting undone.
  • @lillones
    1 in a million moment: jumping over a crouching opponent. What an exciting sport...