I went to outer space

Published 2023-05-09

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  • @joemalick
    Awh, we love being your “secret channel friends”. 🙂 Spock is amazing as always, and the new merch is fire! 🔥
  • @MoreNatecaed
    its actually so weird not seeing his phone not fall in the car
  • @curri6701
    You know it’s gonna be a good afternoon when Ryan posts on both channels. 😌
  • @TJHall
    Depending on the planet's social structure, there may be community rules, regulations, or a homeowners' association that can provide guidance or intervene in property disputes. Involving the community might help mediate the conflict and provide an unbiased perspective on the situation. Ultimately, the resolution will depend on the willingness of both Sheldon and Clyde to find a mutually agreeable solution. It's important for them to maintain respectful communication and consider the long-term impact on their relationship as neighbors, even after the dispute is resolved. (this was AI generated)
  • Let's go 1 mil well deserved buddy ❤ been watching this channel for a while 😊
  • @LiahnaForbes
    Ryan talking to spock is the cutest thing ive ever seen
  • Ironically enough the best part about spray painting is once again being able to see the parts that were not painted
  • My hoodie arrived today - less than 1 week after I ordered it. The quality is fantastic. Well constructed, appropriately sized, incredibly soft (especially inside) and the printing & embroidery are both excellent. I know many people had issues with the previous merch, but all of those issues have been resolved. Order with confidence and enjoy your new Ryan merch!
  • @Meltedbtw
    I’m convinced Ryan can make anything entertaining
  • @h7ady
    my day is the best when Ryan uploads
  • @ShuklaAayushi
    Ryan!! This is so adorable. Loved your trip to outer space 🙌
  • @Camie_11E
    i got my license today and watching ryan topped today's stressfulness with some good ol relaxation. love the videos!
  • @pikle3561
    I can't believe Ryan ran those 4 miles so fast that he managed to go back in time for every mile he did! Bravo Ryan, bravo!!!
  • @Zoinkse
    ryan never fails to make my day better :)
  • You’re about to get 1 million followers that’s really cool good luck on the merch